ATL Hoopfest Runner Up

Goon Fam Elite was one of the most exciting teams we have seen all summer. They play together and with a love for the game that you don’t see very often. Flashy passes, deep step back threes, alley oop dunks … Goon Fam Elite definitely brought the show to Atlanta! Goon Fam Elite opened the ATL Hoopfest with a laugher against Gwinnett Xpress cruising to a 71-39 victory. They made it look extremely easy often toying with the opposition before eventually scoring. The next game was similar as Goon Fam Elite dominated the Atlanta Playmakers Black 75-36. They went on to win two more games to improve to 4-0 before setting up an undefeated showdown with the North Florida Suns. Both teams had been very impressive to this point and the championship game did not disappoint. Goon Fam Elite had several opportunities to win the game but couldn’t make enough plays down the stretch as they fell short to the North Florida Suns 60-53. This is an exciting team with several players who have a chance to excel at the next level.