ATL Hoopfest 2019 Champions

One thing about playing for Coach Wade that I picked up on is you have to be tough, and he instilled that in all of his players. Not necessarily a physical toughness, but mentally tough. Go in with the mindset that you can defeat anyone and nothing will get in your way. Going up against a player like Jesus Rivas who is 6’7 and the tallest player on your team is about 6’1 6’2 that can defeat a team mentally before the game even starts. As he was preparing his unit for that championship match up against Jesus you can hear him saying, “attack attack attack, don’t be scared of him go at him and get him fouled out”. ​He has a team of dogs willing to compete and they will not back down from anyone. When you watch his players Jaylein Sexton, Keilan Holloway, Latavious Conyers, and Xavier Fisher, there game alone will back it all up