ATL Hoopfest 2019 Runner Ups

One of the coaches that I have witnessed a few times now and can confidently say all of his kids will be successful with or without basketball. He goes so hard for his players you want nothing but success for him and his team. He was the coach who packed up his 6 players and made the 8 hour drive just to get his players some more exposure and get their names out. Also Coach Garcia handles the team social media accounts and you can see how he spends time with his teams and open their minds to new things. He gets his kids out to explore the city and shows them all of the things in life that basketball can help them achieve. On the sidelines he makes it known he is there as well. ​He gives little room for error and he will get on to his team for the simplest mistakes. His voice travels waves and its even more eye opening that his players are bilingual so you can hear him getting on to them in Spanish. Imagine playing a team and you have no clue what sets he is calling or what he is throwing at you. Coach Garcia does a great job with his talent and has a strong passion for the game and his players. Its a reason that Miami City Ballers are always playing on Championship Sundays.