ATL Hoopfest 2019 Champions

Eric had to be the most composed coach in the building. His team was down 15 at one point, and not once did he look phased, lose his cool, or even seem to worry. In the timeouts Coach Eric would calmly talk to his players, tell them to pick up the intensity and continue to watch as if he know the tide would turn. Jalen Harris picked up a steal that lead to a break away dunk and the rest was history. A timeout was called after that play and the Flames ended up going on a run that would eventually have them win the game. Still Coach Izquierdo, was not phased as they picked up the win and he casually walked off the court. Post game I had to address him and let him know that, it was wild seeing you be so calm with your teams back against the wall, and he responded by pretty much saying, ​“I know my team, I know the dogs I have and I know the more the opposing team talks and gets hyped up it will only fuel my players more”. I liked hearing that because he let the kids make mistakes, he let the game go one and he trusted in his team to go to work vs making change after change and blaming the game on bad officiating and small things like that. Confidence, and poised would be the words I use to describe Coach Eric style which lead his team to a championship.