Rumble in the PeachState 2019 Champions

Decatur Blazers 2029 (Georgia)
Decatur Blazers were able to pull away late after Team Durant went on a 5-0 run to have a 4 point lead with 1:42 left of play. Some defensive stops helped them claw their way back while ft shooting helped them steal the victory late. The blazers displayed a lot of energy and there coaches were just as passionate looking more excited about the victory than the actual players. It was a good sight to see as there impact can be crucial in the early stages of these kids development.
A few bright spots for the Decatur Blazers would be #3 Jacobi Footman, #8 Amare Medhin, and #5 Eric Foster Jr.

this level it is very hard to decipher talent, as these kids are really just out there having fun, but those displayed a little more of an understanding for the game, and there body language alone showed a glimpse of solid base and a little promise.

Amare did a really good job defensively understanding how to close out, and always staying active defensively. Multiple times you see him sprinting back making a defensive play and extending his arms to challenge shots, receiving a few questionable calls. He drained two big free throws to tie the game with a little over a minute left displaying a bit of a clutch gene Just little signs to take away and make note of.

Jacobi Footman stood out a bit with his speed and communication skills as well. On multiple inbounds you seen him directing his teammates getting open and even said something to one of his players before shooting his free throws which looked like a bit of a pep talk or motivational tip. Its good to see the PG of your team be vocal and take steps on being a leader. He also came up with a big steal in the fourth to help seal the win.

‚ÄčLastly Eric Foster had himself a pretty good game. Foster hit the game winning free throws and made multiple plays late in the game to help the Blazers win. He was in the right spots at the right time and I would label him the swagger of this group. He was very active, had a nose for the ball in the press and on the defensive end in general, while showing his clutch gene.
A fun group with a passionate batch of coaches should see this unit doing big things in the future.