Malachi Brown -AOT EYBL 2023 – Buford HS, GA
Malachi is slowly turning into one of the more consistent shooters and players in his class. He started of the game knocking down his first 3 attempt, and with his shooting ability it only takes one to fall for him to really feel it. Malachi was the clear MVP of this game and really broke out of his shell it looked like. He had good head fakes, solid ball handles, and was scoring from all over the court. He moved well without the ball, but showed a new level of confidence just fully taking over the game doing what he wanted. I also love how he is starting to play somewhat bigger than his size. Malachi is now fighting in the trenches for rebounds and is pushing the ball up court as soon as he grabs the board. Again, he just buys into the Buford weight training system, and the sky is the limit for Malachi