Austen Colton

Austen Colton
5' 8"
Current Team
Newnan Elite 2023
Class of 2023

Austen Colton | Newnan Elite| East Coweta High School 2023

Showcase of Champions 2019
Colton is tremendous. Absolutely deadly when he gets going from downtown. As a ballhandler, his shooting ability opens up the floor for him to create far away from the basket. Typically plays up and doesn’t show any signs of youth against bigger and older players. This kid may have star power if he continues to grow and improve his overall athleticism. Tony Bruton

Kelly Memorial Classic 2019
Pierce is in a class of his own.  At 5’8 he plays the guard position at a high level. He has excellent range and a stroke that makes his shot almost guaranteed.  He lead his team with 24 points in the championship game at the Kelly Memorial Classic by a combination of 3’s and attacking the basket.  Pierce is a promising player that will bring a high skill set and IQ to his future high school team. Mathurine Agency Report  ​WATCH FULL GAME