Comeh Emuobor

Comeh Emuobor
6' 2"
Current Team
Carolina Legend-NC
Class of 2022

Comeh Emuobor is a player to keep an eye on this season at Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC. The sophomore has great size for the guard position. He is a premier athlete that can get up off the ground with ease. Emuobor can get to the basket at will and has elite finishing ability especially in transition. Next Level Scouting

​​Comeh Emuobor 2022 – Carolina Legends, NC
I was in awe when I recognized who was in front of me. Comeh had gotten his name out last fall when SuvTV caught him in action at the CP3 Rising Stars Camp.
Fast forward 8 months later, here comes the 6’2 PG, who looks like he has been taking weight training pretty serious. Comeh walks, talks and plays with a lot more confidence and showed why he has created a buzz in such a short time. Comeh was aggressive in every aspect of the game, driving, dishing, shooting, and being vocal on the court. Comeh is miles ahead IQ wise, on and off the court. College coaches are going to be very intrigued when they talk to him alone and the small things like that can tremendously help his stock. Still with 3 more years of development, Comeh is barely scratching the surface. Went 5-0 on the weekend, winning the championship for his bracket. Strength: Attacking, IQ, Size, Improvement: Decision Making, Ball Handling 
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