Davorian Rudolph

Davorian Rudolph
6' 6"
Class of 2021

Davorian Rudolph/ Tri-Cities High School/ ABC Elite 2021

I really liked the upside of Davorian and the mindset he plays with. He wants to beat you in every way possible and his makes the other team very aware of that. He wants to do everything to help his team win, he does not want to be subbed out, and he really feel a certain way not being on the court contributing. He does a good job playing above the rim and at 6’7 his long arms help him pick up so blocks whether it be in the low post or on the wings. He showed some confidence in his mid range j, he can shoot the 3 and can run the floor really well. Davorian will look to contribute to a really good Tri-Cities program who is coming off a state championship run and brings back pieces like Peyton Daniels, and Demetrius Rives. Pair in Rudolph with a few other ABC members and a repeat doesn’t seem to far fetched. Improvements:  The mindset of Rudolph can be very beneficial but there were a few moments where his emotions got the best of him. For me being a spectator I love the passion and fire and I understand it all, but coaches might not interpret it the same way. Davorian has to do a better job of body language, and controlling his emotions. He can utilize his size more as well, offensively you can see him standing around the 3 point line or waiting for the ball to make a play vs attacking, crashing the rebound and continuing to be aggressive. Also Davorian can add to his frame a bit to make him more stronger and dominant on the low post. Again he is already about 6’6 6’7 so he has to be able to use that size to his advantage against smaller wings.
Strengths: Toughness, Runs the floor, Size  Improvements: Emotions, Leadership, Muscle   MATHURINE

Davorian Rudolph 2021 is a raw athlete that can certain get up off the floor. Whether it’s finishing an alley oop or taking it to the rim himself, Rudolph loves to play above the rim. He also has great timing using his athleticism to block shots at the rim. Rudolph has high major wing upside especially if he continues to improve his ball handling, court awareness, and his perimeter shooting.
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