Frank Caldwell

Frank Caldwell
6' 0"
Current Team
Team Bo Bell-GA
Class of 2023

Frank Caldwell/ Team Bo Bell

Atlanta Hardwood Classic 2019

Frank was on a tear this weekend. In one of Bo Bells better performance, Frank brought the rim down twice to let the crowd know he was here. Frank was also very effective with the ball in his hands. He loved to push the pace and was a monster in the post as well. Frank was relied on heavy to carry the load especially when Lane went out, but his work ethic and passion for the game gave him all the ability to do so. Frank will need to work on his shooting a bit as the competition will be tougher in the years to come and he won’t necessarily be the biggest kid on the court. He has the solid foundation, and skill set to work with. Behind the right coach Frank can be special in the class of 2023.  Strength: Athleticism, Size, Confidence, Aggression Improvement: Shooting, Ball Handling ​ 
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