Gora Niang
6' 7"
Current Team
Class of 2023

Gora Niang 2023 AOT/ Lincoln Prep, GA

Atlanta Hardwood Classic 2019

Gora has all the tools to be special. Already about 6’5 6’6 the size is there and he is only in the 8th grade. Before I even watched Gora play, I knew I was in for a treat because he was donning the Lincoln Academy shooting shirt. Lincoln is one of the premier HS in GA, so with that coaching Gora is in for a bright future. What I liked about Gora game was his size and how aggressive he was on the defensive end. He was a beast in the press defense using his long arms to disrupt passing lanes and come up with some easy steals. Gora offensive skills were still pretty raw. He knows how to use his size and dominate in the paint, but he has more signs of a hybrid type player than a low post center. He wants the ball in his hands and he wants to make a play. He didn’t shoot much which can definitely help him, since he will be bigger than most of his defenders. I am also interested to know how long Gora has been playing the game of basketball, something tells me he is still fresh, and if he is making the standout list with that raw of skills, his future is bright.  Strengths: Size, Energy, Defensive Presence Improvement: Consistent Offensive game, Confidence, Court Awareness  Mathurine Agency Report  ​Watch Full Game