Iajah Phillips

Iajah Phillips
6' 0"
Class of 2021

Iajah Phillips 2021/ Mill Creek High School / Flame (AAU)


Easily the MVP of the day, I am putting a star by Iajah Phillips name. There is just certain things in basketball that are not common or just a routine play, and Iajah again had a unique skill set. He had the intangibles and signs that showed this kid is around some people who really know the game. His fluidity and ability to drive to the basket told me he had some overseas roots to him and he confirmed he was part Jamaican. The way he finished around the rim and in tight corners were elite and this kid is only a soph. He can shoot the 3 ball and does a great job setting his teammates up.  He was good at penetrating but overall he was a pure scorer. This Mill Creek team is looking very dangerous, there has been a standout from that school in almost every tournament I have covered this year so far.
Improvements: Although he was a pure scorer and showed flashes of an elite player, he turned the ball over a lot and was very flustered in double teams and full court defenses. When I say double team, of course I don’t expect him to slice and dice up two people but it was like the minute he felt the heat, in a way he would freeze. Strengths: Ball Handling, Scoring Ability, IQ  Improvements: Pressure Defense, Shooting, Strength   MATHURINE