JaRon Ford
6' 0"
Past Teams
Class of 2021

JaRon Ford/ Berkmar High School/ Flames 2021

JaRon was easily one of the more mature guards in the gym and had a mature game as well to go along with his personality. You have to keep an eye on JaRon, he is quiet but sneaky and quick. He liked to get his teammates going early and set the tone then he would go in for the kill. He did a great job of attacking the basket and slashing to the goal. His first step was a blur. No excess dribbles, he would hit a sold 1-2 and catch you on your back foot. He also did a good job of getting to the spots and getting his floater off showing he has that soft mid-range touch. He is also sneaky on the defensive end, he has football in his background as well so he did a good job getting low coming away with a lot of steals, and throwing his opposition of guard with his quick hands. Stated earlier that this Berkmar team had some young pieces in Julius Reynolds and Dara Olande who both are sophmores as well. Throw JaRon Ford in that mix and you have a serious core for the future. Improvements: While JaRon has a very smooth game and he gets in your face and makes it known, he has room to grow especially in communication. He wants his teammates to score and get looks as well but he can do so being vocal and helping space out the floor as well. A couple of possessions were Georgia Flame was flustered and turned the ball over, spacing was and issue, JaRon knew that and yelled it to his coach as opposed to his teammates and making them aware of the situation. His confidence is growing so once he realizes he is the leader, his game can increase dramatically. MATHURINE