Jaylein Sexton

Jaylein Sexton
Current Team
Hoop PHI 2022
Class of 2022

Jaylein Sexton/ Red Bank High School/ Hoop-Phi 2022

Jaylein had a very high motor and a dog in him that separates him from his peers. He was willing to do anything to make a play that would help his team and pick up a win.  He was able to come into a semifinals game with the mindset to take over in which he did scoring 28 points leading his team to the championship game. He did a really good job finishing around the rim showing off a little bit of bounce as a two foot leaper and capable of finishing with both hands, really making his presence felt from the free throw line in. Funny Sexton is his last name because that’s the type of energy he had, a Collin Sexton get in your face, clapping his hands on defense and having the game to back it up. He has good court awareness knowing his spacing and consistently moving without the ball. He hustled to get back on defense and would crash the boards on every play even following up his shot. Defensively he did a good job sliding his feet and staying in front of defenders as well. He sets himself up for easy scores and should be headed for a bright future himself. Improvements: Still feeling the game out and maturing, at times Jaylein could find himself forcing a play which can lead to easy turnovers and easy points for the other team. At times he would also dribble to much, I counted on a few possessions were anytime he took more than about 6 dribbles he would turn the ball over or drive and force a kick out with no recipient. I attest that to his motor and the more he stays in the gym and continuously studying the game, this is something he can correct early. Strength: Motor, Intensity, Inside Game   Improvements: Ball Handling, Shooting, Decision Making  MATHURINE