Jermaine Smoak

Jermaine Smoak
6' 0"
Current Team
Atlanta Panthers
Class of 2022

Jermaine Smoak 2022 Atlanta Panthers/Cumberland Christian Academy-GA


Off the bat you can see in Jermaine’s demeanor that he is not one to mess with. He carries that same attitude on the court and it is fun to watch. He is an aggressive ball handler, and you can hear the force in every dribble he takes. Pretty decent size for Jermaine, he loves the pull up jumper and is most effective with the ball in his hand. It looked like the playmakers were making him the go to guy, trying to get him comfortable running the show, and building his confidence. He waste no time getting things going, and for a freshman has a good base to work with. He communicates on offense and defense, is a good team player, and has no problem taking on a leadership role.  Improvements: He is a bit of streak shooter from outside. He plays very upbeat so when he is coming off of screens, or running to a spot for a 3, he would rush the attempt and miss the shot. Also being the go to guy, he would wait for the ball instead of going to it. The offense would be ran and instead of stepping out or helping a ball handler who is being pressured, he would just stand in his area and wait for something to happen. I would encourage him to be more aggressive on that end. Always go towards the ball. Also his body language might come off as to aggressive/cocky. As stated in his strengths, he is one that locks in to the game and he blocks out all of the outside noise. Coaches would try to give him instructions mid game and although he might of been listening he didn’t really acknowledge the coaches or give em that security that he is listening. Little things that he will develop as he gets older.
Strength: Midrange, Dribbling, Aggression Improvements: Defense, Outside Shooting, Body Language​ MATHURINE AGENCY