Jesus Gonzales

Jesus Gonzales
Current Team
Miami City Ballers-FL
Class of 2022

Jesus Rivas-Gonzales 2022 - Maimi City Ballers/Brito Miami High School, FL


Jesus possessed the Power 5 size already. He was standing about 6’6 6’7 just towering over everyone in the gym and that has most likely been the case for him throughout his young hoops career. Jesus knew how to use his size to his advantage and finish through contact creating multiple scoring opportunities for himself. He did a great job of using head fakes and not bringing the ball to low off of a rebound. Although fatigue set in being they only had 6 players, Jesus made his presence felt every way he can. Jesus has a promising future, and the game to back it up. Mathurine Agency

Jesus has what you can’t teach, size! Biggest prospect in the event had streaks of imposing his will the way everyone claims they would if they were his size. High pointing the ball on rebounds, finishing around or above the rim, Rivas is a new school athlete/enforce 5 with a real presence similar to Robyn Lopez, rebounding, shot blocking shot finishing type bigs. Only a freshman, Rivas will only get stronger and likely bigger and play higher above the rim more consistently. Big time upside. Hoop Nation Report


Jesus Rivas had a monster weekend in Atlanta at the ATL Hoopfest. Rivas continues to impress showing flashes of greatness throughout the weekend. The 6’6 forward continues to improve each tournament and has more upside than any other player we’ve seen. He’s a raw talent with exceptional timing and touch around the rim. Rivas impacts the game tremendously on both ends and has the potential to be a high major prospect. Rivas put the team on his back and carried his team to the championship game where they fell short by 1 point to Hoop Phi. Rivas posted a triple-double the 12 points 20 rebounds and 13 blocks in the championship game.  Next Level Scouting