Makai Vassell

Makai Vassell
Current Team
Class of 2021

Makai Vassell/ Mill Creek High School/ Flame 2021

It was really hard to label Vassell position because he showed true signs of a hybrid. Comfortable in the low post, Vassell can still break his opponent down and has solid ball handling skills. Vassell is a big that likes to play above the rim and he has some sneaky strength to him. Another player with deceptive speed, that helped when he made hard cuts to the basket, or when he decided to put the ball on the ground a become a slasher. as well. He ran the pick n roll well and that helped show off more of his slashing ability. He has a solid low post foundation and made some plays with his back to the basket, but overall he is just your traditional athlete. A strong rebounder, Vassell does a good job of using his size to his advantage. His strong legs made it easy for him to box out and big up a few big dunks as well. Improvements:  Vassell is still getting comfortable and figuring out his game. He is a jack of all trades but a master of none. I would challenge him to continue working in the low post and also develop that mid range game. Vassell has a lot of  potential, so for him its just about polishing his game and staying in the gym.
Strength: Size, Toughness, Athleticism  Improvements: Post moves, tempo MATHURINE