Malachi Brown

Malachi Brown
5' 8"
Current Team
Class of 2023

Malachi Brown 2023-AOT/ Buford High School, GA

Current College Offers

Lamar University, TX


Malachi was one of those players who just stuck with me for some reason. You can see the youth in him but something about his game and his expression on the court tells me he is not something to mess with. Malachi will be relied heavy as AOT’s shooter and he showed why over the weekend. Malachi even had a few sets, specifically for him, just to get a 3 off or an open look. He was not shy attacking the basket, and still found ways to make an impact when his shot is not falling. He to is still learning the game, but you can tell Malachi cares and wants to get better. Another key factor is Malachi will be attending Buford High School. That will only increases Malachi’s stock due to Buford being so good in player development on the court as well as in the weight room. Malachi works on his frame and confidence as well, you are looking at one of the top shooters in the state. Strength: Shooter, Solid ball Handler Improvement: Size/Frame, Defense, Court Awareness ​Mathurine Agency Report  ​

Malachi Brown is a high IQ guard with adept court vision that can see plays develop faster than others and make pro level reads on the offensive end. Brown has the ball on a string and makes great decisions with the ball on almost every possession. He has limitless range and can also put the ball on the floor and shoot floaters over taller defenders. Brown is also a good defender that uses his speed and quickness to make plays in the passing lanes and finish in transition. Brown’s ceiling will largely be determined by how much he grows the next four years, but his IQ and skill set makes him an elite prospect. Next Level Scouting


Malachi is slowly turning into one of the more consistent shooters and players in his class. He started of the game knocking down his first 3 attempt, and with his shooting ability it only takes one to fall for him to really feel it. Malachi was the clear MVP of this game and really broke out of his shell it looked like. He had good head fakes, solid ball handles, and was scoring from all over the court. He moved well without the ball, but showed a new level of confidence just fully taking over the game doing what he wanted. I also love how he is starting to play somewhat bigger than his size. Malachi is now fighting in the trenches for rebounds and is pushing the ball up court as soon as he grabs the board. Again, he just buys into the Buford weight training system, and the sky is the limit for Malachi.  Matherine Agency