Current Team
Philly Bottom Ballers, PA
Class of 2022

Nymir Porter 2022 Philly Bottom Ballers/Eastern Academy Charter, PA

Nymir game really interest me and he is one of the more intriguing prospects I seen. He has a little flair on every play and it’s unintentional. He doesn’t have quite the height to be considered a full time low post, but he has that body type where his hips and frame restrict him to those duties. You can see in his game though he has some guard type skills in him and it looks good coming from him since it is not expected from his position. He is more of a stretch 4/5 but played the 3 for Bottom Ballers this weekend. It’s just something about him though, his style is unorthodox and it works. He’s tough and can finish inside but also put the ball on the ground. Nymir has that east coast grit which makes him tough to defend and very scrappy on the glass and offensive end.  He plays with a lot of passion and takes pride in winning as well. Improvements: the biggest thing with Nymir will be finding comfort at a position on the court. I can’t quite call him a guard but I don’t want to restrict him to a the post as well. He did not display much of a jumper but his toughness made it easy for him to attack. As competition gets better he will have to use his handles to beat of bigger defenders and that midrange jumper could be crucial to his success. I would like to see him develop that and to work on keeping his head up when he dribbles. He is a good passer and can set his teammates up, but he has to be aware at all times.  MATHURINE AGENCY