Tra’Vion Jackson

Tra’Vion Jackson
5' 8"
Current Team
West Georgia Bucks 2022
Class of 2022

Tra’Vion Jackson/ Manchester High School/ West Ga Bucks


Tra’Vion was physically a beast amongst the other kids in the 2022 class. You can tell he spends a great deal in the weight room working on his frame and using that to his advantage against other players in the long haul. His execution of the step back and a few spin moves showed off his footwork and how he pays attention to detail. He was very aggressive in getting to the basket and liked to crash the boards as well. Tra’Vion also did a good job of fighting into traffic and getting multiple opportunities at the line. Gets very high on his jump shots and has some good bounce to him in general. He can get after defensively picking up a few chase down blocks along with sliding his feet well and staying in front of his defender. Improvements: Still young a developing, I would just advise Jackson to continue working on his pace and level of speed he plays with and slow the game down a bit. 

He does a lot of damage attacking and beating his man to the basket, but his pace and change of speed will make it easier to knock down pull up jumpers and floaters. He can also improve on his shooting overall, getting comfortable scoring on all 3 levels since the competition will only get better for him from here on out.
Strengths: Athleticism, Size, Footwork  Improvements: Shooting, Pace, Controlling the game MATHURINE