AOT 2024

2019 Showcase of Champions (Class of 2024 Game Recap/Team Standouts)

#35 Calvin Johnson  
Johnson off the bat checks the 2 boxes; Size, and Potential. You can see he is still developing but he is already flirting with 6 feet in the 7th grade and he was testing out his ability at the PG position.  At this age group he spends sometime in the post which can help with his foot work and development and that will carry over to his PG game. Not one of his best shooting nights, Johnson still showed some solid upside and can be a player to monitor for some time to come.
#4 Jaden Bates 
Bates tried his hardest to be a spark for AOT but the game was out of reach early in the matchup. He had some solid ball handling skills, and was able to get to the basket due to those handles. He had a possession where he broke down about 3 of the AOT defenders, splitting through the press and eventually getting fouled on the play. He handled pressure well and although it was a tough loss, Bates played hard throughout the entire course
#13 Yusef Bowyer 
Bowyer had a solid stroke from beyond the arc as he knocked down 2 deep 3s. The lefty also did a good job of pushing the pace and you can see once he warmed up and got some shots to fall his confidence builds and he looked like a kid that can get on a hot streak and light it up. I would keep close eyes on Bouwer for the future.