Goon Fam Elite 2020 Shreveport, LA


Goon Fam Elite was one of the most exciting teams we have seen all summer. They play together and with a love for the game that you don’t see very often. Flashy passes, deep step back threes, alley oop dunks … Goon Fam Elite definitely brought the show to Atlanta! Goon Fam Elite opened the ATL Hoopfest with a laugher against Gwinnett Xpress cruising to a 71-39 victory. They made it look extremely easy often toying with the opposition before eventually scoring. The next game was similar as Goon Fam Elite dominated the Atlanta Playmakers Black 75-36. They went on to win two more games to improve to 4-0 before setting up an undefeated showdown with the North Florida Suns. Both teams had been very impressive to this point and the championship game did not disappoint. Goon Fam Elite had several opportunities to win the game but couldn’t make enough plays down the stretch as they fell short to the North Florida Suns 60-53. This is an exciting team with several players who have a chance to excel at the next level.
Next Level Scouting

Goon Fam Elite  Major respect to the Goon Fam Elite Varsity program. AAU is very competitive, playing 3 games over the course of two days, playing two games in one day, and if you advance to Sunday that’s another 2 games potentially in one day. Goon Fam Elite was able to advance to the championship game and they only had 6 players on the weekend. Although the fatigue kicked in and they relied heavily on the 3 ball in the championship game, you can see why they were able to fight there way into the matchup.  MATHURINE AGENCY

# 5 Demarcus Eiland
Demarcus Eiland is a big guard who can score both inside and out. He is a matchup nightmare finishing easily on smaller defenders and isolating bigger defenders to get a bucket. Eiland is a pure scorer and shot the ball extremely well from outside all weekend. He also can create off the dribble and set up his teammates for easy buckets. Eiland is a college ready prospect who is capable of contributing right away.


Goon Fam Elite vs Hawks Elite 
This was a back and forth battle between two scrappy teams and it came down to the wire. Some questionable shooting hurt Goon Fam late but they seemed to make it to championship Sunday every tournament they been in. Hawks Elite did not go out without a fight and was able to steal one late. Here are a few player takeaways from that matchup. 

#22 Ahmad Green 
Really penetrated and spaced the floor well. With his stocky frame it was easy for him to get to his spots and collapse the defense. He is not shy with his shooting and he displayed it in the matchup knocking down floaters, mid- range j’s and a deep 3 ball. He was a good distributor and really got his team going. He usually sets the tone with his aggression, and you can tell when on the court he is the leader of the group. With him not being shy, he is not afraid to pull from deep which in this matchup was not necessarily needed. If he continues to work on his shot selection, he should see an improvement in his game. Overall, he is confident in his game all around and is very crucial to his team success.

#9 De Terrion Watts 
Was very twitchy and kept his head on a swivel. It almost looked like he was talking to himself and making mental notes throughout the game. He has some good size to him as he looks about 6’5 6’6 and he is very active defensively and doing the small stuff. If he stays in the weight room and keeps working on his game, he can make for a good project. He plays hard and has a engine in him that you can’t really teach. Maybe not one to stuff the stat sheet, but you know you will get 100% for an entire game.

#4 Marvin Young
With him you can see the fluidity in his game but I would just question his motor a little bit. Not his love for the game just how he gauges when to take over and when not to. He was one of the pure talents on this team and he had some good size, along with being able to score from multiple levels on the court. He really took over late in the second half against Hawks Elite but if he kept that same momentum he might have been the difference maker.

#30 Davion Sanders 
I caught a bit of action from Goon Elite earlier in the day and he was the one who really caught fire. He carried some of that heat into this matchup early, but his confident and skill set should take him far. He knew his game and he knew how to maximize his strength. Whenever his team was down, it was like he relied on himself to get the bucket or tie it up. He knocked down his 3s at a high clip and could attack the basket and finish inside if needed. He played good defense and also brought energy into this matchup.
Matherine Agency