2024 G Bronson Blair Can Flat Out Score

C/o 2024 G Bronson Blair is a prospect that we have been eyeing for some time now and every year his game improves. Blair is one of the special scorers that is comfortable anywhere on the court to score. His ability to size up defenders and make the best move to create space is special to watch. The Mountain View prospect is not afraid to let it fly from deep which forces defenders to play higher to the perimeter. This only allows Blair to have more space to create off isolation which is his bread and butter. When he’s downhill off the dribble you cant count on more times than none that the right decision will be made. He’s a great facilitator that is overshadowed by his innate scoring ability and is just as much as an asset on the defensive end with his on ball defense. Blair loves to get out and run the floor and put pressure on opposing defenders which makes him a tough guard. The 2024 standout has posted 30 point performances and recruitment will only continue to grow as the season progresses.