7th Annual Underclassmen Showcase “All-American Game”

The 7th Annual Underclassmen Showcase “All-American Game” took place at Holy Innocents High School on March 24, 2024. This event featured some of the nation’s most talented players in the class of 2028, 2027, and 2026. Hosted by All Metro Hoops, this event has an elite cast of alumni such as Anthony Edwards, Ace Bailey, Tre Johnson, and many more.

King Hernandez 2028 I 5’11 G I Thrive Christian Academy 

Hernandez took home Co-MVP honors for the class of 2028. He is aggressive at getting down hill and is ferocious defensively. Hernandez has a good float game and understood how to get to his spots. He can defend the ball well and prides himself on energy and momentum he brings to the game and his team. 

Brielen Craft 2028 I 5’10 G I Pace Academy

Brielen Craft is a crafty guard and one of the best shooters in his class. He handles the ball with a lot of confidence and isn’t flustered by pressure. An extremely efficient scorer on 3 levels, and competes well on both sides of the ball. Craft knowledge of the game is ahead of his time as he has one of the best basketball IQ I’ve seen. Craft also took home the MVP honors for the class of 2028.

AJ Williams 2028 I 6’4 G I Eagles Landing Christian Academy

AJ Williams size always screams out at you at the guard spot and his game is becoming more and more smooth. He had a tough turn around jumper to beat the buzzer and that play alone showed his pace, situational awareness, and ability to score the ball. Williams is making waves early and continues to be effective when his number is called.

Peter Julius 2028 I 6’9 F I Solid Rock Academy

Julius has an dominating post game. Julius is a true post player who keeps the “back to the basket” game alive. He brings good energy on both ends of the floor and alters shots at a high level. Julius has good footwork which led to easy post finishes and multiple monstrous jams.

Baba Oladotun 2027 I 6’7 F I Dematha

The DMV product represented very well taking home Co-MVP honors. Oladotun has a nice shooting stroke, a sound offensive game, and great fundamentals. He keeps the ball high and crashes the boards well using that length to his advantage. At 6’7 he is comfortable with the ball in his hand, ran the lanes well, and provided timely buckets when needed. Ultra smooth game that will continue to become more dominant overtime. 

Joshua Leonard 2027 I 6’6 F I Wilson High School

I liked the energy and aggression Leonard possessed. He had a couple of put back finishes, some strong post finishes, and showed he can create off the dribble. Exciting player to track over the next few years.

Scottie Adkinson 2027 I 6’4 G I Webster Grove

Scottie was able to fill up the box score in bunches. He connected on some crafty lay-ups, scored over bigger defenders, and shot the 3 ball well. He was able to create for his teammates at the guard spot and make that extra pass for an easy assist. His ability to score and shiftiness will continue to garner attention and help increase his stock. 

Sinan Huan 2026 I 6’10 F I Windermere Prep

I liked the aggression and patience I saw with Sinan. He established position well in the post, and wasn’t soft getting off the block. Defensively he was sound, altered multiple shots around the rim and when he was feeling it he started blocking everything. You can see he is still growing his skillset, but his defense and length will be enough to cover the offensive questions as he continues to develop. 

Chris Washington 2026 I 6’8 F I The Villages

Washington exploded during warm-ups with his length and athleticism and as the contest went on it blended well within the matchup. At 6’8 he moves around the court like a guard and is wiry, but you can also still see how he is still developing within his size. He did not force the action but cut well, knocked down a couple of jumpers, and scored in transition. With a couple of years of high school ball to continue is game development, Chris Washington has no ceiling to his potential on the court.

Flory Kuminga 2028 I 6’6 F I North Charlotte High School

Flory had to be one of the better defensive prospects on the day. He had about 3 blocks where he got a hand on the ball at the peak of the lay along with blocking a few jumpers. He also showed some flashes offensively with his high release point and aggressive 2 feet bounce. The flashes are there with him, it will be all about molding his craft and continue to excel in doing the dirty work.

JoJo Nance 2027 I 6’5 G I Heritage Christian
Jojo Nance was another electric guard who made some big plays on both sides of the ball. He was pushing the break, has that swagger you look for at the guard spot, shot with confidence and brought some energy. He had a viral play, picking up a thunderous block then knocking down the 3 ball on the other end. 

Jalan Wingfield 2026 I 6’7 F I Tri-Cities
Wingfield knows how to get to his spot, especially that elbow jumper. Nice thick frame, defends well and plays at a controlled pace. Comes from a basketball background and you can see it in the pace he plays with. Well beyond his years on the court. A name to monitor moving forward.

James Rivera 2027 I 6’10 F I Academy of Central Florida
Rivera moves well for a big. He is able to put the ball on the floor to beat big’s and use the dribble to help get through smaller guys. Finished well around the rim, including a reverse lay to show his agility for his size. Rivera is still just scratching the surface. Has all the tools to be a very effective stretch big down the line. 

Colben Landrew 2026 I 6’5 F I Thompson
Landrew has a nice frame and a swagger that made it feel like he understood the game well. He plays with intensity and stayed around the rim to connect on second chance points.

Tre Keith 2027 I 6’2 G I Tri-Cities
Tre Keith has already garnered a rep as one of the best freshmen in the state of Georgia. Tre came in with high expectations and delivered. His effortless 3 level scoring was on display and he found himself on the head for some crafty assist. He showed he can contribute with anyone around him and can fill up the scoring in bunches. 

Devin Hutcherson 2026 I 6’4 G I Holy Innocents Episcopal
Devin Hutcherson was another name I was intrigued to see as he usually has some of his better performances in these type of settings. He continues to get more comfortable with his motions and in his game play and provided buckets at will. He held his own on his home court and continues to show with more and more confidence and trust he can become a consistent option for this group over the next couple of yearsE