Atlanta Hardwood Classic | Bruton’s Standouts (Pt. 2/4)

Cumming, GA – Atlanta Hardwood Classic was a strong event stacked with talent! There were quite a few big-time prospects all the way from middle school to the high school ranks. Check out this 4 part series that goes in depth about several prospects that were on display.

Kade Morris | 2033 | 5’7″ Small Forward (GA) | Beyond Basketball
Kade has an opportunity to become a special player down the road. He’s an above-average rebounder, can create off the dribble, knocks down jump shots, and can pass the ball. Keep in mind, he’s usually one of the tallest players on the floor, despite playing up. His all-around game and size make him a standout. Morris’s development will be exciting to follow.

Messiah Lancaster | 2029 | 5’8″ Small Forward (GA) | Focus On Progress
Lancaster showed a level of versatility that intrigued me. Really appreciate his decision-making on the floor. He communicates well for a young player and makes all the right plays. His ability to impact the game in multiple ways is impressive. Lancaster’s future is bright if he continues on this path.

Deuce Johnson | 2028 | 5’10” Combo Guard (GA) | Decatur Blazers
Lefty with a deadly jumper and a good feel for the game. Takes and makes tough shots consistently. Also a solid ball-handler that can run the offense. Johnson’s scoring ability and court vision make him a key player. Keep an eye on him as he continues to develop.

Joshua McGill | 2029 | 5’7″ Combo Guard (TN) | Team Mamba
McGill can score the ball, but can also get others involved. He’s fast in the open floor and creative off the bounce. Not many players could stay in front of him defensively. His speed and playmaking abilities make him a nightmare for defenders. McGill’s potential jumps out at you every time he steps on the court.

Sam Merzius | 2030 | 5’9″ Small Forward (FL) | Handlelife
Merzius absolutely scored the ball whenever he felt like it. He’s too skilled and too strong for most of his opponents at this stage. It was impressive to see how freely he played while remaining disciplined with his skillset. Sam’s ability to score at will is exceptional. His future in basketball looks very promising.

Roland Price | 2031 | 5’5″ Combo Guard (TN) | ROTO Lions
Price is a lights-out scoring guard that can get to the cup with ease. He’s got excellent creativity off the bounce. Despite being a great scorer, his game is still raw. Roland’s potential is through the roof. Once he refines his skills, he could become a well-known name in basketball circles.

Shane Gordon | 2031 | 5’3″ Point Guard (GA) | AE5
Shane is a lightning-fast point guard that plays with supreme confidence and flair. He can light it up from the outside and he gets into the painted area. Gordon’s quickness and scoring ability make him a constant threat. His future is bright if he continues to play with this intensity.

Braylon Tate | 2029 | 6’0″ Power Forward (GA) | AE5
Tate commanded the frontcourt for his AE5 team and you couldn’t tell that he was playing up. He’s got a great frame and good skill to go with his formidable size. He finishes well around the basket and outworked his opponents. Tate’s work ethic and physical presence make him a standout. His progression will be worth watching.

Cason Browne | 2032 | 5’0″ Point Guard (GA) | Beyond Basketball
Tremendous young point guard that plays with a poise beyond his years. Played up and looked like he belonged. Exceptionally skilled at a young age and more than holds his own against bigger players. Browne’s maturity on the court is impressive. His future looks very promising. Very advanced point guard coming up through the ranks.

Jarris Walker | 2029 | 5’6″ Point Guard (TN) | Team Mamba
Walker is one of the shiftiest young guards in his region. He’s incredibly quick and fast with the ball in his hands. Once he gets his jumper going, he becomes even more of a threat for his opponents. Walker’s agility and quickness make him a difficult matchup. His potential is high, especially as his body and overall skill level continues to improve.