Caleb Wilson surpasses 1,000 career points as a Junior

On January 31st, 2024, in front small number of spectators, mostly staff and students, sat sprinkled into a gym to watch a matchup between their home team, the Holy Innocents Bears, and a region competitor at Southwest Dekalb High School. This wasn’t an ordinary game or night, though. As one of the nation’s most promising rising athletes, he would set a milestone by scoring 1,000 career points. Junior forward Caleb Wilson would shoot a free throw, turn around to get back on defense, and then the game would be halted by a late whistle. The ball that was being used during the game would be taken to the sidelines and would soon become covered in the names of Caleb’s coaches and teammates. Head Coach Mario Mays would meet with Wilson in the middle of the court to take a photo, and the remainder of the game would be played out as Holy Innocents Episcopal would win the game 65-51.

Caleb's 1,000th point game ball

Nestled in the northwest corner of Atlanta in one of the most affluent areas the city has to offer lies what could easily be confused as a wing to a modern college campus: Holy Innocents Episcopal School. Without a rich history in basketball, Wilson has been bringing a lot of notoriety to the private school’s boys basketball program with his cool demeanor but aggressive play on the court. Averaging a double double with 22 points and 14 rebounds, Caleb has had some of the top colleges salivating over the junior due to his rare skillset.

With the NBA being in its “unicorn” era, where big men are almost expected to be able to have guard skills as they play their traditional roles, Caleb Wilson fits the mold. A true player was created. 6’10 (and growing) with a handle that can shoot and control the boards at any given time in the game. Throughout various points of a game, you will see Wilson rebound, bring the ball up, and whip a pass to an open teammate for an easy basket. It seems so effortless, but when you take a look at his game film, you can see that there are countless hours in the gym to craft the player you see. On a mental level, Wilson is not too rattled by the moment and sticks to his game. Where others’ would be frustrated and ready to veer from what the game plan is, Wilson stays consistent and above what would knock many others’ off of their game.

Hitting 1,000 points felt surreal. Coming into high school, that accomplishment was one of my
biggest goals. Reaching it felt great. I was happy but still had to focus on getting a win, and that happened, so it was a great night. It means a lot to me because I always viewed it as a goal, even in middle school. It really makes the young me happy.” Caleb Wilson on 1,000 career points achievement