Jaye Nash is a Pure Point

McEachern High School has been nationally noticed for basketball in the last few years with the popularity of players like Sharife Cooper, Tea Cooper, and Isaac Okoro all making it to either the NBA or WNBA. The blue and gold is becoming more and more noticeable with each passing season. This season features a talented roster from head to toe but at the point guard position is Bryson “Jaye” Nash who is arguably the most talented guard in the 2024 class.

Nash moved from Memphis last year after being named, Tennessee Gatorade Player of the year and found his home with the McEachern Indians and their basketball program. Prior to the move, Nash led Briarcrest to a 33-3 season and broke the career passing record that was previously held by NBA guard, Kennedy Chandler. I had the opportunity to reach out and ask him about how his stay has been.

“For starters, I can honestly say that this is the best decision I have ever made in my life. Before I got here, Coach Ced Dozier and Ace were texting me everyday letting me know that this was the place that I needed to be, and they told the truth. Coming to Mceachern High School to play under Coach Treymaine Anchrum and play alongside players Like Ace, Isaiah Dulaney, Jayden Bynes, Dozie Onyiremba, and all of my other teammates has been an amazing experience. From day one, they brought me in like I was family and I had been on the team from the beginning. This whole ride has just been amazing, and I cant wait to make our state run.”

After wrapping the interview up, Jaye reached back out to say one last thing, “Coach Tree is the best coach in the state of Georgia!”

He definitely has been comfortable too, Nash is averaging eight assists again and has a resume in tough matchups where he is putting on passing clinics from tip-off to the final whistle. This year at City of Palms Classic Nash tied the record for assists with 14 assists in a matchup vs the Cannon School. At a solid 6’2, Nash is not a easy guard. Watching him play makes you miss pass-first point guards because of how well he runs McEachern’s offense and puts pressure on the defending team on fast breaks. His speed, dribbling ability, and awareness are widely regarded. But the one attribute that sets him apart from other guards is his shifty eyes. You don’t know where the ball is going or where he is going at any time. Chances are if you are seeing a McEachern highlight go viral then Nash is the start of it in some form or fashion. Nash currently holds interests and offers from Memphis, Ole Miss, Alabama, and a host of others.