Open Court 2026 Wins the 8th Grade Gold

Open Court 2025 is a force to be reckoned with. Led by 6’4” star point guard Caleb Holt (2026), this team is a well oiled machine that will be a tough out for anyone. For starters, it’s extremely difficult for any guard at this stage to match up with a player that has the size, skill and athleticism of Holt. Add in his court vision and ability to defend and he alone makes virtually any team dangerous. However, there are some other key weapons that make this team a nightmare to guard.

6’0” guard Jeb Blanton is an absolute marksman from downtown. There were several games where we watched him bury 6 or 7 threes in a row while blowing games wide open in the process. Not only is he lethal as a knockdown shooter, he’s a much better ball-handler than defenses gave him credit for. He’s a truly elite shooter with an overall game that is coming to form.

In addition to Holt and Blanton, 6’0” guard Jeremiah Wilson is an excellent player too. He’s a lefty with a lot of tricks in his bag and he too can score the ball with ease. It was exciting to watch him create his own shot from mid-range and even more exciting watching him pick defenses apart with his court vision. What stood out most about him was his length and how it bothered opposing ball-handlers. Not many guards could create against him.

​Point guard Braylen Gill was also a marksman from downtown. Almost any time he shot it, you could hear opposing teams fans let out a sigh of despair. It felt like he would make every open jumpshot that he attempted. Rounding out the attack would have to be 6’2” wing London Townsend. He did a little bit of everything from manning the post, to knocking down long range shots and running the offense as a point forward. This team will be a force to be reckoned with for a long time.