Emerson Mitchell

A boy with curly hair in a red basketball jersey holding a ball with two hands in front of him (2)
Emerson Mitchell
Point Guard

ELITE60 Freshman Showcase
September 24, 2022

Emerson Mitchell – 5’6/PG – Dunwoody High School (GA)


The shiftiness Mitchell has made defenders think twice about pressing up on him. Mitchell’s layup package compliments his handle package. He finishes well with both hands and through traffic. The way Mitchell utilized the pick & roll kept defenses guessing, because his playmaking is just a good as his ability to finish at the rim. Don’t let his size fool you. Mitchell matches up with the best of them because of his overall skill set and basketball IQ. by Bilal Benjamin of 1st Love Basketball

I often get asked by parents how their son can get noticed when they are not the most potent scorer or selfish player looking to always shoot. That may sound harsh, but I often get asked that latter type of question. Well, if I could take Emerson and film his play from the Elite 60 camp, I would use his play as an answer. There is one thing that got Emerson in my notes, and that was his tenacity on defense. He was giving ball-handlers fits as he picked up full-court just about every time he was on the floor. He made the opponents earn every piece of real estate on the court. Being 5’6, unless you are a potent and prolific scorer, you will often have to find your niche and find a way to earn your time on the court. Emerson has found his niche that would earn him some time with many coaches who still value a hard-nosed gritty defender at the offense’s point of attack. Big shot out to Emerson and his work on the defensive end of the floor.  He made the opponents earn every piece of real estate on the court. Terry J. Drake of Prep Hoops