Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor
Point Guard

ELITE60 Sophomore Showcase
September 2, 2023

It was fitting that one of the best leaders in the class of 2026 won the leadership award at the Elite60 Sophomore showcase. Andrew Taylor III has a knack for galvanizing any team his is on and gets the best out of them. He consistently put teammates in position to succeed. Offensively, Taylor III throws some of the best lead passes hitting players in stride. He impacts the game on that end without having to get a bucket. Defensively, Taylor III is one of the fiercest on-ball defenders in high school basketball. Overall, Taylor III gets after it and he’s a true student of the game. by Bilal Benjamin of 1st Love Basketball

ELITE60 Freshman Showcase
September 24, 2022

Taylor was the most productive point guard in terms of assists, steals and assist to turnover ratio. His ability to see the floor is very impressive. In addition to creating for others, he was a nightmare for opposing ball-handlers. What he lacks in height, he makes up for with relentless full-court defensive pressure. High IQ point guard that will help a team win a ton of games. by Tony Bruton of BucketReel

Taylor played in the first game of the day at the Elite 60 Showcase and he was the first guard to catch my eye. Picking up 94 feet on defense is a fearless trait you can’t teach. Taylor got up under opposing guards and made them work for everything. Offensively, Taylor put endless pressure on defenders by steadily attacking downhill and getting paint touches. He lived in the paint and got off his floater or mid-range jumper anytime he wanted. by Bilal Benjamin of 1st Love Basketball