Brielen Craft

Brielen Craft
Combo Guard

ELITE60 Middle School Showcase
August 19, 2023

Scouting Report by Bilal Benjamin of 1st Love Basketball

Craft is a rising star of the next generation. He’s wired to put the ball in the hoop. Craft is one of the clutches my pure scorers coming up in the grassroots. He creates timely offense that stops the bleeding when opposing teams make a run and he pours it on when his team is hot. Other than his skill set, Crafts knowledge of the game sets him a part. 

Scouting Report by Keith Agran of On the Radar
Like Maurice the trajectory of this young riser has been trackable and easy to find as both suited up as 8th graders with Kell and Pace Academy respectively this past June, I got to see Craft live back during that June live period and he was superb for the Knights at the summer league they hosted, deadeye shooting range is just the beginning as there isn’t a ton he doesn’t have in his tool chest as he has the mind of a much older player and a growing skillset as a scoring PG that in the ’28 class has few if any peers.

Elite60 Middle School Showcase
August 20, 2022

Scouting Report by Tony Bruton of BucketReel
It’s arguable that Craft had the most impressive weekend of all of the point guards when you consider his age and size. While he isn’t undersized by any stretch, he dominated both of his games with pure skill, basketball IQ and will. He knocked down a blistering 8 three-pointers in his 2nd game of the day while handling constant full court pressure. As he continues to grow and mature physically, he’s going to be a handful for a long time.

Scouting Report by Keith Agran of On the Radar
Made a case as one of the day’s best pure shooters as he got on some streaks from 3 that were impressive, but there’s a ton more in his arsenal than just bombing from deep as he handled the ball like a true point guard and did a ton of damage as a wing attacker both scoring from multiple levels and distributing with really solid vision, another heady defender who was 1/2 step ahead of lazy or poor passes, has a chance to be just dynamite under Coach Sharman White at Pace.