Jayden Crawford

A boy with curly hair in a red basketball jersey holding a ball on his side (2)
Jayden Crawford
Shooting Guard

Jayden Crawford | 6’0” SG (GA) Cristo Rey Jesuit – 2026

ELITE60 Freshman Showcase – September 24, 2022
Crawford was exciting to watch. He’s what many would call an “electric” player. He plays with a ton of speed and loves to push the ball in transition. When playing off the ball, he showed a sound ability to get his feet set, receive a pass and shoot it in rhythm. I look forward to watching him have some big scoring outputs. by Tony Bruton of BucketReel

JC was an offensive juggernaut that stood under 6’0 and had a phenomenal showing at camp. He shot the ball exceptionally well from beyond the arc and did so in c&s opportunities and pull up treys off the bounce. When looking to continue dissecting Jayden’s game, you must acknowledge the many different components of things he does so well. He is a high IQ player that understands the game at a young age. He knows how to move without the ball and cut with purpose, he is a playmaker with the ball in his hands, he thrives in attacking the rim in the open court, and his end-to-end speed makes him difficult to contain with just one defender. What was even more impressive about JC’s game was his commitment to the defensive end of the floor while being such a force to reckon with on the offensive end. I will be following JC to see how his game will stack up in his first year in high school. He is a high IQ player that understands the game at a young age. by Terry J. Drake of Prep Hoops

Crawford was one of the best on ball defenders at the Elite 60 Freshman Showcase. He made it extremely uncomfortable for opposing guards. Offensively, Crawford’s 1on1 game is elite. Being able to break defenses down will translate well into high school when his team may need a bucket. He has an array of moves that he can go to from what he highlighted at the showcase. by Bilal Benjamin of 1st Love Basketball