Kentaevion Moreland

Kentaevion Moreland
Combo Guard

ELITE60 Sophomore Showcase
September 3, 2023

Scouting Report by Bilal Benjamin of 1st Love Basketball
Moreland is a springy guard that gets up and looked to violate guys each and every opportunity he got. As long as Moreland’s footsteps were gathered properly it was most likely a dunk attempt coming. As an offensive player, Moreland knows how to get out in the open floor for nifty finishes. He was a reliable outside shooter when guys decided to give him space due to his athleticism and finishing ability. With the ball in his hands, he showed soft shifty ball handling skills that he used to get by defenders before finishing acrobatically at the rim with either hand. He gave some of the best shot blockers a challenge when they tried blocking his shot. Defensively, Moreland used his overall athleticism, energy and effort to force turnovers before turning defense into offense where it was almost showtime every time. The fans looked forward to a smaller guard rising to the top for finishes and that’s what Moreland did.

Elite60 Freshman Showcase-September 24, 2022
6’1 Moreland was smooth. He played at his own pace regardless of whatever defense was thrown at him. He was easily one of the leaders in total assists through two games. His vision was on display with his full-court lead passes and in half-court sets. On top of his passing ability, he was difficult to keep out of the paint. He uses his length, handles and change of speed well to get all the way to the basket. I wouldn’t be surprised to see point and assist double doubles from him in the next year. By Tony Bruton of Bucket Reel

Kentaevion was a handful for defenders throughout the day. He was one of the toughest iso scorers and was in attack mode every time he got the ball. His energy was high and contagious. Kentaevion functioned as a triple threat player that contributed as a shooter, passer, and driver and was productive in all three areas. He has a quick burst off the bounce and creative body control once near the rim. It is not hard to see his potential as a night-in and night-out double-digit scorer, as he literally tries to dominate each possession. He is definitely a player to keep an eye on over the next couple of years.
He was one of the toughest iso scorers and was in attack mode every time he got the ball.
by Terry J. Drake of Prep Hoops