Donovan Perkins 2029
Perkins fits the description of a two guard with his ability to not only shoot the basketball but with his ability to move off the ball as well. He effectively used off ball screens to get into his shots whether it was a three ball being launched, a mid-range jump shot being taken or him getting a paint touch for his smooth floater. Perkins showed his live dribble scoring ways as well but was at his best when moving without the basketball and receiving the ball in his spots to succeed. He was quite the quiet assassin at the Next Gen Academy.

Jaxon Burdick 2029
Burdick was a true definition of energy and effort on both ends of the floor as he gave it his all. Offensively, Burdick showed a tight a handled that he used while controlling the ball in the open floor. His end to end speed left defenders chasing from behind reaching for back tips. He distributed the ball well to his teammates and finished well at the basket. His ability to move without the ball often caught defenders sleeping and he was able to get easy looks. Defensively, Burdick was a solid defenders that kept his assignments in front of him and didn’t mind getting on the floor to win loose ball opportunities.

Joshua McClure 2030
McClure was one of the eye catchers with his skill set that seems to be evolving well. A shifty handle with good length in size, a smooth jump shot off the catch and solid footwork around the basket. McClure had no problem getting to his spots on the court and playing through contact when defenders played rough. Defensively, McClure showed some alertness when playing the passing lanes to come away with easy steals or deflections. He defended with pride and was one of the more vocal voices on the defensive end.

Quwi McBride Jr 2029
McBride Jr. was one of the bigs that stood out with the physically that he played with inside to fight for rebounds on both ends, to protect his team’s basket and to be the overall toughness that his team needed. He showed glimpses of a nice soft touch inside when he received smooth passes. McBride also did a good job at running the floor for opportunities and not giving up on making hustle plays when he didn’t receive the ball when he might’ve wanted it. The more he keeps playing we’ll be getting more offensive production out of him in the future.

Evan MacPherson 2029
MacPherson is a diminutive guard that displayed a true understanding of the game. It was clear as to why he was also first one the court to demonstrate drills that were ran. His attention to detail is what makes him a valuable young player. Being a small guard it’s important to do all of the little things and that’s exactly what he did. Offensively, he revealed a tight handle that he used to keep defenders honest, he moved the ball around on time instead of trying to make home run plays and defensively, MacPherson gave it his all keeping his man in front of him. He made sure guys worked for paint touches and didn’t mind getting on the floor to win loose ball opportunities.

Dillon Perkins 2029
Perkins is one of the lankier players that has a lot of potential. With such long arms, good defensive and offensive instincts and a knack for attracting rebounds, Perkins found ways to produce for his team. Perkins had many scoring opportunities had passes been thrown on time or had they not been under thrown but he didn’t allow that to make him a selfish player. When he rebounded the basketball his initial look was always up the court. He made on time passes and often pushed the pace until the ball was stopped. His long strides allowed him to get up the court fast and he finished his opportunities when it was his time.

Noah McGrath 2029
McGrath had to have one of the quickest releases from all over the floor at the Next Gen Academy. Whenever his feet were set, he wasted no time in letting the ball fly from the outside but he wasn’t one to rely on the long ball. McGrath showed an ability to score from all levels with confidence. He attacked poor close outs really well, got paint touches, made strong reads to deliver passes and even displayed some advanced footwork for his age. His touch around the rim was good for a shooter with a nice touch.

Camedon Shakespeare 2029
Shakespeare is one of them forwards that if you don’t take pride in boxing out, he will make you pay for not doing so. He took advantage of all opportunities to snatch down rebounds. On the offensive end, he converted on a ton of second chance opportunities. Finishing strong in traffic and through contact. Not complaining or looking for foul calls but instead playing through the physicality that came throughout the games. He filled the lanes well during fast breaks, showed great hands to catch passes and body control to finish. Defensively, Shakespeare made it difficult for opposing players to have success at the basket when he was in the paint. He altered some shots, blocked a few and showed his true versatility to defend. He was one of the better bigs in attendance.

Jacori Thompson 2029
Thompson was a force to be reckoned with from start to finish during day two of the Next Gen Academy. Offensively, he was an offensive rebounding machine and he ran the floor like no other. Thompson had a nice soft touch around the rim, showed great patience operating out of the post and made some nice passes when reading defenses. Defensively, Thompson was a complete menace sending everything backwards that was within his reach. He played with quite a motor to help his teammates out when he seen they were in trouble and was quick enough laterally to defend guards as well which came with no problems. His outstanding defensive efforts earned him the defensive player award at the Next Gen Academy.