Shaquan’s Prime Performers (ATL HOOPFEST – 2023-2024)

Eduardo Hendricks | Trench Hope | 6’6″ | 2023

Hendricks was a bully on the boards during championship action giving his opponents no true answer for him inside. He fought all game long for offensive rebounds and had success doing so. Finishing lay-ups with ease in traffic on either side, running the floor hard for slashing lay-ups or dunks and even showing his ability to create for himself at times. Hendricks wasn’t just a one dimensional player as he showed some spurts of him being able to knock down open jump shots. He was also solid from the free-throw line. Hendricks posted a smooth 18pts and 13rebs in his team’s victory to capture the championship and the most outstanding player award. 

Makhi Mahon | MB Elite | 5’10″ | 2023

Mahon was easily one of the best lead guards throughout the ATL Hoop Fest weekend. His ability to run the show, making sure his teammates are where they need to be offensively and defensively, not getting sped up by pressure or putting himself in situations where he had to force the issue. Mahon showed his ability to thrive in one on one situations when his team needed a bucket. He has the ball on a string which made it tough for guys to stay in front of him if they played him too close and if they backed up it was a three ball being drained. His assist to turnover ratio was in the right direction giving him a pretty good floor game. He should definitely have the keys to someone’s program next season. 

Mustapha Diane | MB Elite | 6’3″ | 2023

Mustapha Diane is the spark of energy that every team needs. He finishes well above the rim at a high level and with a good step of gathers he’ll look to flush it on someone’s head. He used his speed and athleticism to run the floor hard enough to get break away dunks and alley-oops that got his team and the crowd up out of their seats a few times. He also used his athleticism to sky up for rebounds on both ends that initiated fast break opportunities. Defensively, Diane also made it his job to put his body on the line for his team. Challenging shots at the rim with guys much taller than him whether it was a lay-up or a dunk attempt. He didn’t back down and showed why he’s deserving of a scholarship at the next level. 

Christopher White | Trench Hope | 5’8″ | 2024

I had the opportunity to watch White play in two games on championship Sunday. He played well in his first game of action but he really turned it up a notch during his second game. Coming off the bench in a game where his team was trading buckets, he made it his job to make some strong drives to the basket. The 2024 lefty showed off his tight handle that he used to turn his defenders before attacking strong side and finishing well with his floater or absorbing contact and finishing in traffic. White controlled the flow of the game after awhile and dished out a few dimes to keep his team afloat. He finished the game with just 6pts and a couple of assists but his impact off the bench changed the game for the better. 

John McIntyre | Promise Elite | 6’1″ | 2024

McIntyre was one of the main voices for his Promise Elite squad making sure guys were in proper positioning defensively and that they knew where they were supposed to be offensively. McIntyre’s ability to be vocal kept his teammates alert. The guard has a solid body frame that he used to keep defenders on his hip and long arms that he used to finish over guys once he got into the lane. His athleticism at the rim was well to his advantage mixed with his long arms making it easy for him to finish. Defensively, McIntyre was a very solid on ball defender with his size, quickness on his feet and his long arms of course that bothered guys. His presence was definitely needed for his squad. 

Laz Mason | Promise Elite | 6’2 | 2024

Mason is a bit of a quiet guard that ran the show for Promise Elite. He made sure guys were in their spots offensively, he delivered some strong passes to his teammates, fed guys running the floor and never dribbled the basketball with his head down missing open guys. While Mason can be a lot more vocal on the court, he did talk to his guys at times but doing it more often would be a tremendous help. Mason showed at times that he could be stellar outside shooter if he looked to shoot the ball a bit more. His floor game kept his team in the game that I watched and had he been a bit more aggressive Promise Elite chances of winning would’ve been higher.