Tournament Rules


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Tournament Schedule will post by 10:00pm Wednesday before the tournament.

Team Roster

An up to date official roster must be submitted by noon Thursday, before the start of the tournament.  Player's must be listed on the team's official game roster to participate in pool and bracket play (A player's first game of the tournament can not be the Championship Game.) Rosters should include players first/last name, DOB, Grade/Class, and Jersey #.  A technical foul will be applied to each game of pool play if a team's roster is not preprinted on the scoresheet.. It is the coaches responsibility to ensure previous submitted rosters are up to date. Coaches or team admin should have team’s roster and documentation on hand throughout the entire tournament. Team rosters must be completed in Exposure Basketball. NGS will preprint scoresheets with the roster imported from Exposure Basketball. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 15 players.  NON-ROSTER
If the team's roster is not in the system the team will receive a tech to start the game. 

Teams must have proper documentation (proof of age; ei; copy of birth certificate, passport, State ID, National Sports ID. etc. & report card) to support accuracy of team’s roster. Coaches or team admin should have team’s roster and documentation on hand throughout the entire tournament.


Game Guarantees

Your team will be guaranteed to be scheduled for a minimum of three games. (If a team forfeits a game, the scheduled game will count as a win (+15 points) for the opposing team).

Forfeits: A monetary fine will be issued towards a team who forfeits participation of a game.





Multiple Teams Participation

  • A player is not allowed to participate on two different teams within the same grade level.
  • A player is not allowed to participate on two different teams in two different organizations.
  • A player who meets all eligibility guidelines may only participate in up to two different grade levels
    within the same tournament provided both teams belong to the same organization, and have an
    identical team name. However, a player may not participate in a semi-final or championship game
    unless he/she participated in at least one game with each team prior to the semi-final or
    championship game.
  • A player that meets all eligibility requirements and participates in two different grade levels must
    be officially listed on both rosters in Exposure Basketball.
  • A player is not allowed to play or participate in two or more games at the same time.


NGS reserves the right to combine two divisions warranted the number of teams per division.


Only coaches are allowed to bring basketballs into the facility. Unless game time, players/siblings are NOT only to bounce a basketball within the facility or on an unused basketball court.

Coaches Passes

Two coaches per team will be provided free entry coaches band. Coaches band must be worn throughout the tournament. If bands are misplaced or not worn on the coach's wrist the coach will have to pay entry fee.  To help ensure the correct coaches are signing in, coaches will be required to show ID to receive wristband.

Coach Attire: All coaches must wear a polo styled, collared, or team related shirt. (Shirts that state team fan, team mom/dad, etc. are NOT considered a coaches shirt) Coaches must have on coaches band to sit on team bench during game)  The tournament director has the discretion to determine if "Coaches Attire" is appropriate to be allowed to coach or sit on the bench of a game.

Players/Fans on the Court

Only players and coaches on the team’s roster will be allowed on the courts during the team’s game time. Fans are not allowed to play on the court during any part of the tournament. This includes but is not limited to; bouncing a basketball, shooting a basketball, dribbling a basketball, walking on the basketball court. Fans and other teams are not allowed on the court during any time of a times basketball game. This includes but is not limited to; during warm ups, during time outs, during halftime, etc.


Players’ jerseys must have numbers on both the front and back. Numbers can be 00-99.
Uniform Colors: Home wears white/light colored jerseys and Visitor wears dark jerseys. All players must be in team uniform.  Failure to comply to uniform procedures may result in a technical foul.


  1. Any coach ejected for fighting will be removed for the remainder of the tournament.
  2. Any player recorded on the official score sheet as ejected for fighting will be prohibited from playing in their next scheduled game. Penalties up to expulsion from the tournament can be levied upon players ejected for fighting.
  3. If a coach or player is ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct (not fighting), he/she must leave the visible game area for the duration of the game.
  4. If a coach or player is ejected a second time, he/she will be ineligible for participating in the remainder of the tournament.
  5. Coaches or athletes who leave the confines of the bench to engage players, coaches, fans, or officials on the playing floor can face expulsion from the tournament.
  6. NGS may impose suspensions or other penalties which occurs at any time and any location during the event.
  7. Coaches and athletes who engage in misbehavior may be subject to additional disciplinary action from local police department.
    -Spectators are to "CHEER and SUPPORT HIS/HER OWN TEAM" from the stands.  Spectators are not allowed to enter the court or either team's bench.If a player, spectator or coach is ejected by an official, they must leave the gym immediately. Failure to comply will result in the disqualification of the associated team.  If, spectator, coach, and/or player does not comply to event rules and procedures, and/or tournament directors redirection to improve and/or stop inappropriate behaviors. The violator will be required to leave within 2 minutes of being told to leave. Failure to comply result in a team's forfeit and police will be called.Zero Tolerance:  FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT THE EJECTION FROM THE VENUE AND EVENT.
    Aggressive Behavior and/or Intimidation towards any person within the facility.


As parent/guardian/coach, I hold legal responsibility for the participant(s) listed below. I release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Next Generation Sports, LLC, and/or its affiliate organizations, employees, coaches, including but not limited to its owners, from any and all legal actions, causes of actions, claims and demands for, upon or by reason of any injury which at any time may be sustained by the participant(s) participating in this basketball tournament. I certify and agree that my child/player is physically capable of participating in this basketball tournament. I release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Next Generation Sports, LLC, and/or its affiliate organizations, employees, coaches, including but not limited to its owners, from any and all legal actions, causes of actions, claims and demands for, upon or by reason of any injury which at any time may be sustained by a parent, coach, spectator, and/or but not limited to fans attending this basketball tournament.

Protest Procedures

Official protests must meet all of the following guidelines:

  • Upon alleged infraction, protest must be communicated immediately to the official scorer’s table by the head coach (or assistant coach if the head coach has been ejected).
  • Upon completion of the game, protest must immediately be communicated to the Site Director by the head coach.
  • A $100.00 (cash) fee must accompany the written protest and be delivered to the Tournament Director within one hour of completion of the game.
  • Protests pertaining to an official’s judgment call will not be considered. Protests in which a potential rule infraction has occurred may be considered if the infraction had a direct impact on the outcome of the game and falls within the guidelines of the correctable error rules.
  • A committee will consider all protests and make every attempt to provide a ruling prior to the team’s next scheduled game.
  • Successful protests will result in refund of the $50.00 protest fee.
  • Unsuccessful protests will result in forfeiture of the $50.00 protest fee


It is the obligation of coaches, players, administrators, volunteers, and other representatives to practice the highest principles of sportsmanship and to observe the ethics of competition. Good sportsmanship is defined as qualities of behavior, which are characterized by courtesy and genuine concern for others. The display of good sportsmanship is a statement of the individual’s understanding and commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity.

The following ethical guidelines should be observed by all coaches:

  • The coach shall never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest desirable ideals of character. The coach must always consider the personal safety of the athlete.
  • The coach shall be thoroughly acquainted with the rules and regulations of competition and shall be responsible for the interpretation to team members.
  • Game officials shall have the respect and support of the coach. The coach shall not indulge in conduct which will intice the players or spectators against the officials. Public criticism of the officials or players is unethical.
  • The coach should respect his opponents, display gracious behavior during competition and require his players to conduct themselves in similar fashion. Before and after the contest, rival coaches should exchange friendly greetings to set the correct tone for the event.
  • Coaches shall actively use their influence to enhance sportsmanship by spectators
  • Athletes, coaches, administrators, spectators, and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with registered TEAM, shall adhere to the principles of good sportsmanship and the ethics of competition before, during and after all contests in which they participate and/or attend. Each participating TEAM and its head coach shall be held strictly accountable for unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of its competitors, coaches and spectators.