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Kelly Memorial Classic

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Bruton’s Girl Picks – Rock City Classic

ImariBuckomLady Jaguars2026Buckom is a very fast guard point guard that gets to the rim with consistency. She made life incredibly difficult for opposing teams guards with her pressure and she converted at a high clip in transition.
MaddyBeatsonRaid United2027Beatson made an impact as a scorer that wasn't afraid to take shots at any moment in the game. Maddy can knock down jumpers from the perimeter, get into the paint and convert floaters and can lock in at the free throw line.
Ka'MariyaGrandyLady Trezz2027Grandy was a sparkplug that seemed to always be involved in plays. Played with a relentless style that was fun to watch and got to her spots on the floor with consistency. Fast in the open floor, has solid court vision and didn't settle for jumpshots.
IanyMolinarRaid United2027Molinar has good size around 6'0" and she's got good feel for the game around the basket. She was able to impact the games inside with a soft touch around the rim and dominated the glass at times with her activity & length.
YzanaRandleLady Hero2027Randle has very good size & length for a wing prospect. She uses it well on the defensive side of the ball and slips past defenders regularly for layup opportunities on the offensive side of the ball. With more development, she could become a strong scoring option as the season progresses.
Y'annaRiversLady Jaguars2027Long and athletic wing prospect that could develop into a big guard recruit. Really like her versatility as a defender. Came away with a ton of steals, blocks and deflections and converts at a high rate around the basket. Has all the tools and measurables to become a sure-fire college prospect.
JasmineFarringtonLady Dungeon2028Farrington is young, but she's got a mature game and plays strong for a player her age. She stands around 5'9" but knows how to create opportunities for herself and others. Very hard to contain when shes attacking the basket.
MiaJonesLady Dungeon2028Jones was arguably the most productive point guard of the weekend, despite playing up in the 17u division as an 8th grader. She made the opposing guards very uncomfortable with her pressure defense and she used her speed to create advantages for herself offensively. Expect some impressive outputs in her upcoming freshman season.
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Bruton’s Middle School Picks – Rock City Classic

ZaccaiAllenTeam Trezz2028Allen is a fast guard that consistently scored the ball all weekend long. Love his constant activity on the defensive side of the ball and he doesn't stop moving that often offensively. Is a solod option as a secondary ball-handler and could develop into a solid two-way threat in time.
AyoAwosanyaCota Elite2028Ayo was an impressive player that showed he can do virtually everything well on the court. He's a next level athlete that can play above the rim, he can pass the ball well, defends and communicates well for a young wing. Love his motor and competitiveness. One of the better rising prospects out of his area.
ChaseBollingerACTS Elite2028If you like high IQ players, look no further than Bollinger. He dominated games with his passing, pump fakes and fadeaway jumpers. Despite being undersized, he dominated games with his shot making ability, passing and attacking of angles.
TravisCooperTeam Curry2028Cooper blazed the scorebooks with 3-pointers and breakaway layups. He does an excellent job of getting deflections that lead to easy scores on the opposite end. Has really good size for his position and a good basketball IQ.
EddieCota Jr.Cota Elite2028Tremendous point guard prospect that made passing the ball look easy. When he wasn't scoring, he was setting his teammates up for easy looks along the perimeter and inside the paint. When he looked to score, he showed a nice looking pull-up jumper and the ability to finish with either hand inside.
ReginaldGray III7th Nation2028Very strong lefty that can power his way to the basket through most defenders. Showed some crafty moves along the perimeter and a solid in-between game when defenses tried to push him away from the basket. One of the better all-around offensive packages in his division.
RayHerringAtlanta Swish2028Ray can flat out score the ball. He gets downhill off the dribble, makes shots at odd angles and gets to the free throw line regularly. He's the type of player to score over 20+ consistently within the flow of the game. Doesn't force much.
CamdenHillTeam Curry2028Hill stands around 6'6" and uses his size and finishing ability well for an 8th grader. Rebounded the ball at a high level, boxed out and ran the floor in a way that you love to see from a post player. A lot to like long term.
AntoineMoreman Jr.Team Curry2028Outstanding lead guard that plays with an advanced skillset & an advanced feel for the game. Made timely passes, timely shots and got key defensive stops every time his team needed it. I'd be shocked if he wasn't a productive varsity player from Day 1 in high school. Well on his way to garnering many accolades in the coming years.
BrelynMosesTeam Curry2028Many people consider Brelyn as one of the top players in his class & he showed why. He's as versatile as they come in 8th grade. Excellent athleticism, solid ball-handling skills and great size for his position. Will rise above the rim to hammer it home on drives to the rim & can knock down the jumper in rhythm. Excellent wing prospect.
AaronParker Jr.Garner Road2028Parker was a bright spot that scored the ball efficiently and made plays on the defensive side of the ball as well. Has really good size, length and versatility on the floor. Will be a productive player in high school and possibly beyond as his game & height continue to expand.
JaleekParsonWarriors Life Elite2028Parson is one of the fastest guards with the ball that you'll find. Very quick and changes directions at the drop of a dime. Defensively, he sits down well in a stance and hounds opposing teams point guards without fouling.
LonniePorterACTS Elite2028Porter is due for a breakout travel season. One of the purest scoring guards in the 8th grade division but also effortlessly makes plays for others. The best way to describe his game is by calling him "smooth" with the ball. Made his case as a top guard in his class in NC.
JeremiahRussCota Elite2028Russ did an excellent job of moving without the ball. Majority of his points came from catch & shoot situations and from filling in open lanes on fastbreaks. When he sees one shot fall, more are bound to fall through the net sooner than later. Excellent scoring guard.
IsaiahWalkerNET Foundation2028Walker has some shifty moves that he converts regularly during the games. As a primary ball-handler, he got to wherever he wanted and made life easy for his teammates in the process. Very crafty lead guard that will make a name for himself over time.
KeshawnWilsonNET Foundation2028It's arguable that Wilson had one of the best weekends on both sides of the ball. He applied a ton of pressure defensively and offensively was much of the same. He excels at getting downhill and converts floaters around the rim.
SaadiqBarberTeam Trezz2029Strong guard that can do anything his team needs. Scores it well as a faceup creator, can defend up to 4 positions and can make his teammates life easy as a facilitator. One to track over time as he continues to grow.
JabiasBradshawCarolina Rockets2029Pass-first point guard that creates a plethora of easy opportunties for his teammates. He's always on the attack and has little trouble getting into the painted area. Once he gets to his spots, he's equally good at dropping in floaters, dropping dimes or finishing soft off the glass. Top notch young point guard.
EmoryChaneyCP32029Outstanding point guard that is incredibly difficult to rattle. Exceptional creator in pick and roll for a player his age. At times, he dominated games purely from skill and IQ. A point guard to watch closely as his body continues to mature over time.
KaydenDurhamElite Dynasty2029Durham is just a 7th grader that played up several age groups, but was still a dominant presence at the combo guard spot. He has a strong frame, good feel for the game and a deadly ability to convert at or around the basket. Instant impact player down the road that averaged over 20 per game despite the age gap.
BrysonFaulk-WarnerCP32029Bryson is a do-it-all type of player that excels at many things. He's got a good motor, quick hands and rebounds well for a wing. He's at his best offensively as a faceup creator. Creates well for himself and for his teammates. Good size for a 7th grader.
BraedenGreenupCP32029Greenup showed a good combination of skill, power and IQ. He knocked down pull-up jumpers to his left, finished through contact at the rim and was a monster at times on the glass. One of the better inside-outside threats in his class.
PierreHewlinTeam Trezz2029Hewlin impacts games in a big way with his ability to draw fouls, create off the dribble from the perimeter and create havoc on the inside. He's a strong bodied lefty that can knock down shots from virutally every spot within the arc.
JaidenHowardCarolina Rockets2029Lefty is due for a breakout. Scored over 20+ in his first matchup mainly by attacking the rim off the dribble. Has a very quick first step and is very good at converting counter attacks. Good size at an early age for a guard/wing. Expect to hear alot from Howard in the next few months.
QuantayJamesTeam Trezz2029James should currently be in consideration as one of the top players in his class. At an early stage, he's got excellent size, good feel for the game, versatility and a bigtime motor. He's a natural scorer that can knock down jumpers, slashes to the basket and he's athletic enough to play inside when necessary. His defense is one of his best attributes and he doesn't back down. Remember the name.
LloydJones7th Nation2029Lloyd is an excellent athlete that is constantly in attack mode. He's got really good size for a shooting guard and even moves out to the wing position defensively. It's easy to appreciate his willingness to absorb contact while still finishing. Was one of the top scorers all weekend and his finishing ability was a huge reason why.
KJMcLawhornWarriors Life Elite2029McLawhorn is an outstanding pass-first guard that kept defenses in retreat with his court vision. He can knock down the open jumper and he can create his own shot, but was at his best when setting up others.
JaydenPratherAtlanta Swish2029Prather was one of the strongest players in the middle school ranks over the course of the weekend. He scores the ball in bunches by using his frame to overpower defenders and by using his quickness to get around bigger players. Excellent athlete that knows how to put the ball in the basket.
BrycenSummersWarriors Life Elite2029Summers has a quiet game but a loud production. His facial expressions rarely changed, but his attacking style of play is consistent. Does an excellent job of getting out into transition and he's got some sneaky shiftiness to his game that creates space for shots.
CorneliousBestTeam Grind Black2030Best can score the ball well for a young player. He was constantly moving and always involved with plays around the basket. As he grows & matures physically, he could develop into a recognizable name throughout the state.
BravenBlountIGI White2030Blount can do a ton of things well on the basketball court. He keeps his head up and sees the floor well as a primary ball-handler. He's got a quick release and a nice looking jumper overall. Versatile young guard that is primed to make quite a name for himself in the future.
ZyonHowardTeam Trezz2030Howard showed off a very mature offensive game. Has a tight handle on the ball and doesn't mind getting physical on either side of the ball. Bigtime scoring option at a young age but also is a dangerous passer. A player that is truly ahead of his time.
KentrellJohnsonWarriors Life Elite2030Fast guard that plays a surprisingly physical brand of basketball. Has a slender frame, but attacks the basket regularly and converts around the rim. Very fast lead guard that can dish and score it.
JonathanJonesCota Elite2030Jones is a fast guard with good size and defensive principles. Uses his size, speed and intensity well all weekend. Rare to see kids his age locked in on both sides of the ball.
JeremiahMooreIGI White2030Moore is a player that has a world of potential. He's a highly skilled guard with exceptional athleticism for a player his age. In the matchups I watched him, there were several instances that he blew by tough defenders and exploded to the rim. In addition to his athleticism, he's an unselfish player that creates easy scoring opportunities for those around him. Top notch young player.
JysirBuckramWarriors Life Elite2031Buckram is a high level guard that gets it. Very cerebral creator that makes his teammates better while also keeping himself afloat in the scoring column. Love his willingness to keep everyone else involved and he's got impressive footwork for a young player. One to monitor.
JalenCowanTeam Grind Elite2031Cowan is a crafty scoring guard that can pile up points with some of the best. Very tricky left-hand dominant guard that can finish at the rim and knocks down jumpers. Love how he uses the backboard.
QuamariHollenbackTeam Trezz2031Hollenback is a high level shot maker already. You can't leave him with any space or he'll pile up points in a hurry without using many dribbles. One to watch closely as he continues to grow and round out his game over the years.
KaydenHowardTeam Trezz2031Howard is as elite a creator off the dribble that you'll find in this age division. Outstanding speed with the ball, crafty and is a relentless attacker. Despite being small, he makes up for it with his intensity, skill and basketball IQ.
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Bruton’s High School Picks- Rock City Classic

TrevorBestTeam Wall2025Best is an elite open-court threat that converts at a high rate in transition. He's got a good frame, excellent athleticism and a relentless style of play that allows him to put up big scoring numbers.
PrestonCopelandGarner Road 3SSB2025Copeland was a standout player that dominated the box scores with points, rebounds, steals and blocks. There were a ton of shots that he changed just from being within the vision of his opponents. Offensively, he made it an issue to drive quickly to the rim and attempt to dunk in traffic. A definite D1 prospect who will play his best basketball after high school.
ZymiereDempseyTeam Trezz2025Dempsey was a steady force all weekend as a scoring point guard and as a man-to-man defender. He got a ton of deflections as a primary defender and can be an electric finisher in transition. He has the size, shooting ability and overall skill level to work his way into offers from scholarship programs.
JoshuaDorsetteSave Sports2025Quick point guard that can create well with his dribble. Equally adept at creating or finishing with either hand. Excels at getting downhill and makes his teammates better. Scores it well, but his overall stats don't tell the full story.
AndrewGrimesGarner Road2025Grimes is a physically developed wing that is primed to have a huge senior season. He's got a soft touch on his jumpshot, creates from the wing but also uses his size to his advantage from the mid-post. Division 1 signee that has committed to Liberty.
JustinGrimesTeam Trezz2025Grimes is small, but unfazed by his opponents as a scoring point guard. He excelled at creating space for himself and racked up assists by making the extra pass. He can make shots from all over the floor & converts at the rim.
NajaiHinesStrictly Ballas Elite2025Imposing big man that dominated the glass and led the division in blocks by a mile. Excels as a weakside rim-protector and also does a solid job of playing vertically while avoiding fouls. Offensively, he's raw but is an excellent runner in transition and a constant lob threat.
JaydenLittleNC ACES2025Natural scorer that piles up points within the flow of the game. He can knock down shots from long range, mid-range and around the basket. Averaged close to 30 per game as a junior this past season.
ZymereMcClarinNC Invasion2025McClarin is a strong guard that can power his way to almost any shot that he wants. Most of the guards in his division weren't strong enough to handle his style of play. He scores the ball well with floaters, finishes at the basket and shots within the paint. He can keep the defense honest and knock down long-range jumpers when needed.
JusticeMitchellTeam Wall2025Mitchell is a strong inside-outside player that excels as a slashing face-up forward. He can knock down a mid-level shot, but is at his best driving the ball and creating contact with defenders. You have to appreciate his consistency with attacking the body of his opponents. Does a good job of wearing down the defense and getting to the line.
MichaelPhippsNXT LVL Kings Black2025Phipps is a next level athlete that makes opponents very uncomfortable on both ends of the floor. He's got a great build and uses his muscle to knock ball-handlers off their driving line & offensively he does the same to get to the rim. Scored the ball really well all weekend.
AidanScruitskyNC ACES2025Scruitsky can score the ball well at every level. He's got a great looking shot, doesn't stop moving and he's got a great motor. He's primed to have a good summer. Definitely worth taking a look for smaller college programs.
BrandonSolomon Jr.Strictly Ballas Elite2025Solomon possesses a great frame for a guard around 6'4" and he uses it well on both sides of the ball. Defends with intensity, can change the shot of most point guards and offensively can play above the rim.
TayshaunWhitnerTeam Curry2025Crafty scoring guard that can run a team if necessary. Makes timely shots and has an excellent pull-up shot even with a hand in his face. Has a well defined game that will translate well in the right system.
RimiezWilliamsBig Business Ballers2025Pure athlete that scores in bunches. Is a threat to catch lobs in transition when playing off the ball. Also an adept creator off the dribble that can consistently knock down jumpers from multiple spots on the floor. A prospect to watch closely if you're an eastern regional based college.
ChaseWilliamsGarner Road Select2025Very strong and powerfully built post presence with a surprisingly good handle on the ball. Was able to create off the bounce and make plays as a face-up post player. Controlled the glass in his two matchups and had a few impressive dunks in traffic.
MykalWilliamsTeam Trezz2025Outstanding lead guard that creates a winning culture. Defensively creates havoc for opposing ball-handlers and offensively he's just as good. He's got a deadly jumper from almost every spot on the floor, creates for his teammates with consistency and is always in attack mode. Should play his way into several Division 1 opportunities this travel season.
JustinBridgersWarriors Life Elite2026Justin was easily one of the best defenders on display over the weekend. Led the event in blocked shots by a wide margin and made his mark offensively as well. Next level athlete with great size, skill and a good motor. Has all the makings of a college prospect.
JadynCooperTeam Wall2026Cooper scored the ball efficiently and lived in the painted area. He can knock down open jumpers, but he made it a point to drive the ball and get to his sweet spots within the gaps of the defenses. Very good guard prospect that is bound to build a profile.
ShimereGarrisWarriors Life Elie2026Physical scoring guard that can power his way through most defenders and convert at the rim. Despite being a lefty, he attacks the basket well with either hand and surprises defenders with his crafty dribbling. Also an adept shooter that can get hot from downtown.
MartinGiantGarner Road 3SSB2026Giant uses his strength, athletic ability, feel for the game and size to create a great impact on games. He defends the ball very well and keeps most scorers from getting into the paint. Offensively, he wears opponents down with his downhill play and soft touch around the basket. An intriguing prospect that could expand his name in the region.
ChrisHammondsACTS Elite2026Hammonds plays a throwback style of basketball and loves to throw his weight around on the block. He was a constant mismatch problem with his size, skill and feel for the game. Really liked his impact as an inside-outside threat and he's a good finisher with either hand around the basket.
JordanHawkinsTSG Hoops2026Hawkins is a shot making specialist that can single-handedly take teams out of a zone defense. He's got a quick release and deep range on his jumper. Also, Hawkins does a good job moving without the ball and makes quick decisions.
AustinJoynerNC Invasion2026Joyner has the makings of a bigtime scoring option. He gets to the free-throw line with regularity, attacks the paint and can get hot from outside. Has a chance to establish himself as a sure-fire college prospect as his body and floor game continues to improve.
CalebKnightWarriors Life Elite2026Knight scores the ball in many ways. Does a great job of moving without the ball to create gaps within defenses and he makes shots from multiple angles on the floor. Very fast in transition and fills open lanes well.
AalijahLassiterNLBD2026Lassiter buried shot after shot from multiple spots on the court. He's the type of shot maker that you can't allow to get clean looks, or else he'll burn you from the outside. He did a good job mixing it up and creating his own driving lanes. In line to be a breakout performer this travel season.
DariusMcGlashenGarner Road 3SSB2026McGlashen is a native from Canada that is slowly but surely making his presence known for Garner Road. He's an excellent athlete and a skilled point guard that can score it & dish it at a high level. He rarely seemed to be in a rush, but still moved at a different speed & pace than his competition.
IzeiahOatesNC Invasion2026Oates was a marksman from downtown this weekend. If he got a clean look, you could count it for 3 virtually every time. Has a good frame and can play a physical brand of basketball at the point guard position. Primed to have a breakout season in the upcoming year.
CodyPeckGarner Road 3SSB2026Peck is a tantalizing prospect that has excellent measurables 6'9", skill and a solid basketball IQ. He dunks everything around the basket, gets out in transition and constantly makes himself a threat on both ends of the floor. Really good rim protector and an excellent finisher.
SamQuebedeauxTeam Curry2026Quebedeaux was one of the more impressive shot makers in his division. He knocked down shots consistently in multiple ways. He made shots when creating with his dribble, coming off screens and knocked down shots as a recipient in drive & kick situations.
DaveionRichardsonTeam Trezz2026Incredible rebounding wing that eats up the glass. Has an incredible second leap that allows him to control the boards and he's a constant lob threat on the offensive end. Has a lot of great tools to work with. Could develop into a highly sought after 3 & D wing long term.
JalenSheppardTeam Curry2026Outstanding athlete that is developing into a solid two-way guard. Didn't score it well over the weekend, but showed flashes of becoming an athletic scoring point guard. Can play well above the rim, rebounds well for a guard and shows promise as a facilitator.
BrysonSimpkinsTru Elite2026Simpkins is built like a tank but operates mainly from the wing. He's got a great frame and uses it well to his advantage on both sides of the basketball. Offensively, once he gets a step on his defender, he capitalizes at a high rate. Defensively, he did a good job of moving his feet and forcing players into wild passes and tough shots.
TysonThompsonGarner Road2026Tyson is a young post presence with excellent size and potential. He's a strong finisher at the rim, stands close to 6'10" and uses his size well on the block. He's got a soft touch around the basket and a developing turn-around hook. D1 prospect with a ton of room to grow.
TayshawnAdamsTSG Hoops2027Adams played up and made his presence felt as a microwave scoring option. He's hard to contain once he gets downhill and he's an impressive athlete that can dunk it in traffic from the point guard position. Once his jumper began to fall, there weren't many that could slow him down.
LesterAllenSBC-LA2027Allen may be small, but he's a tremendous lead guard. He keeps his teammates involved in every play and can score a ton of points for himself within the flow of the game. He dominated the freshman division with pure skill, high level passing and shot making.
JkhyeDixonWarriors Life Elite2027Dixon scored the ball at a high level all weekend. He's fast with the ball, never stops moving without the ball and has an uncanny ability to finish through contact. Track his development closely this summer. He's bound to establish himself as a go-to scoring guard.
KairellEvansNC Invasion2027Evans is a confident scoring guard that has a strong frame and a solid bag of moves that he uses to create space. His shot making ability was on full display down the stretch in his first matchup. Could develop into a tough all-around threat over time.
KingGibsonTeam Loaded2027Gibson is another national level prospect in this division. He has the size at 6'4" and elite athleticism at the point guard position that coaches covet. His motoro sets him apart from the majority of his peers and he's an exceptional rebounder for a guard. As he continues to develop and fine-tune his offensive game, he should be one of the top players in his class.
JeremiahGlaspie7th Nation2027When discussing pure athletes, Glaspie is one that comes to mind. Exceptional athleticism and a high skill level at the guard spot. Has the length, footspeed, handspeef and fluidity to guard 1-3 and surprisingly blocks a lot of shots. When his jumper is falling, there aren't many answers for him.
DaqavisGreeneTeam Trezz2027Greene passes the eye test with his size around 6'9". He's raw offensively, but he's incredibly strong and athletic for a player with is build. Once he catches the ball on the low block, he's going to overpower most defenders and dunk the ball. As he continues to develop his footspeed and agility, he could evolve into a top tier recruit at the center position.
KeyshawnHerring7th Nation2027Elite athletic combo guard that has an electric ability to get to the rim. Very hard to contain off the bounce, can knock down jumpers and is a highlight waiting to happen in the open court. One of the top guard prospects in the NC freshman class. Division 1 prospect.
JordanHoustonTeam Loaded2027Houston has excellent size around 6'8" for a freshman, but he's also got good weight to him. Despite having the size of a 4 man, he has some skills that you see in wings. Very nice jumper from the outside, a solid first step off the dribble and sprints the floor on each possession. Division 1 prospect.
BrennenJeffersonGarner Road 3SSB2027Scoring guard that has a knack for the ball. Moves well without the ball and makes quick decisions once the ball is in his hands. Has really good slashing ability and a solid foundation on his jumper.
MakelMinorTeam Loaded2027Minor has a mature game at an early stage in his development. Possesses great balance, strong footwork and is an efficient scorer in transition and as a primary option in halfcourt sets. Clear cut Division 1 prospect.
JordanPageGarner Road 3SSB2027National level prospect that has all the measurables, skill and basketball IQ to dominate all throughout his high school career. Has few peers that can match his athleticism. Page is a lefty that many should become familiar with before he skyrockets up recruiting boards. High major prospect.
MaxPattersonSBC-LA2027Impressive inside-outside presence that dominated at times against every team he faced. He can knock down long-range jumpers with consistency and uses his body well in the post to create space.
Jy'CeonPattersonTru Elite 122027Fast guard with good instincts. Found ways to score the ball against every opponent and against different defensive looks. Has a consistent set shot, converts on fastbreaks and defends.
KobePlataGarner Road 3SSB2027Smooth point guard that makes a ton of plays for his teammates. Excels at getting into the painted area and creates easy opportunities for his teammates. Has a good feel for the game and rarely looks out of place.
CJRosserTeam Trezz2027Rosser is a player that has been developing at an alarming rate on both sides of the ball. Only a freshman, standing close to 6'9" with a skillset of a small-forward. Still just 14 years of age, has a fluid shooting motion, defensively is a terror and his athleticism is beginnign to show. Has the makings of a national level prospect.
ChaseSizerTeam Curry2027Sizer made his mark as a player that constantly applied pressure without the ball in his hands. He scored it well around the basket and knocked down open jumpers. A lot to like long term and looks primed to mature physically as the season extends.
ElijahSkipwithWarriors Life Elite2027Skipwith rebounds the ball at a high level despite being somewhat undersized around 6'5". He boxes out well, gets off the ground quickly and plays his role. Offensively, he catches and finishes with authority on either side of the basket. With some development, could be a bigtime double-double threat.
AlexWilsonAlways Be Confident2027Wilson plays with a sense of confidence and flair that you love to see in a guard. Really hard to contain when he's operating in pick & roll situations. He can pull-up and knock down shots, gets to the rim and keeps his teammates involved.


The 2nd Annual Rock City Classic hosted in Rocky Mount, North Carolina was loaded with...