Atlanta Hardwood Classic NLS Standouts

Antonio Johnson – 6’1” PG – 2023 | Unit Elite (Jonesboro, GA)

Antonio Johnson lead Unit Elite to championship run over the weekend in the varsity gold bracket.

Antonio Johnson lead Unit Elite to championship run over the weekend in the varsity gold bracket.Johnson has a nice combination of strength speed and skill that makes him hard to defend. He plays with a pace were he’s able to read the floor to find teammates for timely assists or score off the dribble with his handle and first step. The rising senior out of Mundy’s Mill had his way scoring in the paint and was effective against bigger defenders using his strength and frame that allows him to create space in the interior and finish through defenders. Johnson averaged 18PPG over the weekend and is a player to watch going into his senior season.

​De’Angelo Berry – 6’4” G/F – 2023 |Georgia Blazers (Valdosta, GA)

De’Angelo Berry was the driving force behind the Georgia Blazers over the weekend. At 6’4 he can defend and has the athleticism for the next level. Berry rotated in and out between the 1-4 showing his versatility playing different positions on both ends and averaged close to a double-double in points and rebounds. He created offense mostly inside the perimeter and helped set up the offense finding open teammates, while being an asset on the glass. The Valdosta HS rising senior is on our 2023 watchlist.

​Amari Willis – 6’4” G – 2022| Metro Elite Basketball (Pike County, GA)

Amari Willis is a combo guard out of Pike County and has good size around 6’4. He was comfortable over the weekend for Metro Elite inside or outside the perimeter and shot comfortably from the field s off the dribble or finding space off ball to score. Willis was effective shooting over defenders and showed that he can finish and play above the rim which are both transferrable skills that translate well to the next level. He currently holds offers & interest but is still available in the c/o of 2022 for coaches still looking to fill a roster spot.

​Quay Wright – 6’2” G/F – 2024| Game Changers (Elbert County, GA)

Quay Wright is another versatile guy that played with the Game Changers over the weekend. Wright is a two-way team player but has the switch to be aggressive to score. The Elbert Co. prospect played a balanced game inside out as he showed he can shoot a high percentage from behind the arch and can bang in the post and finish through contact with his size, frame and strength. He’s another double-double guy with points and rebounds, showed a lot of upsides for the next level of competition and is on our watch list for the class of 2024.

​Brianna Spruill – 5’7” G – 2023 | Georgia Dominance Lioness (Stone Mountain, GA)

Brianna Spruill had an impressive showing for the for the Georgia Dominance Lioness as the they took home the Gold Bracket Championship in the Varsity division. The Combo guard from Stephenson HS rotated between facilitator and primary scorer in the offense but primarily played the shooting guard. Spruill is a clear threat behind the arch but will take defenders off the dribble to attack downhill to score or kick a pass to open teammates.

Defensively she an asset as an on-ball defender and gave a challenge to opposing guards, putting together a game that translates to success at the next level.

​Avohn Florence – 6’4” F – 2026 | AE5 (Tyrone, GA)

Avohn Florence played up with AE5 2025 squad and had nice showing over the weekend. Florence has great size around 6’4 and will only continue to stretch out. He played the post forward primarily and used his size to rebound well and score around smaller defenders. What makes Florence special at his size is his is ability to put the ball on the floor to attack the rim and his ability to stretch the floor as forward. He has a nice touch on his pull up over defenders and likes to get to the corner three to spot up and clear space for his teammates to create. He’s a player to watch out of 2026 as prepares for the next level of competition.

​Andrew Taylor III – 5’8” PG – 2026 | Atlanta Kings (Atlanta, GA)

Andrew Taylor III was a top 5 standout guard over the weekend to for the Atlanta Kings as he led the Kinga to Gold Bracket Championship in the 2026 division. Taylor is scoring playmaker that has a high IQ and feel for the game, and that combination makes him special. In isolation he’s hard to defend with his quick first step, floor awareness, ability to get past multiple level of defenders. It was a show to watch as he scored and dropped flashy dimes to teammates that created consistent offense. He’s an intriguing player to watch going into his high school career.

​Gideon Kamuelyu – 6’3” C – 2026 | Young Kings Elite

Gideon Kamuelyu was a force in the interior over the weekend for the Young Kings Elite. Kamuelyu has strong base and a great frame in the post that makes him hard to defend and move once he’s deep in the paint.

He’s the anchor on the Kings defense and made it hard for opposing guards to score and if you don’t box him out consistently, Kamuelyu can easily rack up 15+ rebounds a game. Another double-double guy with great hands and freedom that is on our radar as a player to watch as he prepares for the next level of competition.

​Caleb Cameron – 6’2” G – 2025 | Game Changers

Caleb Cameron showed a nice upside over the weekend for the Game Changers. Cameron plays with a nice pace and has good floor awareness as a trustworthy playmaker. Another guy that can play inside out to create his own offense. He can create behind the arch from 3, has handle to get by defenders off isolation and finished well at the rim around rotating help defenders. The rising sophomore out of Wilson Academy showed potential to be a solid prospect at the next level.

​Joshua Fulmore – 6’5” F – 2022 | Georgia Shock

Joshua Fulmore out of SACA is a top available prospect in his class. Fulmore plays with a competitive edge that can’t be taught. He’s an athletic forward that makes his presence felt on both ends on the glass and defensively as shot a blocker. Offensively he’s most dangerous in transition and in the paint is where Joshua is a real asset. Once he’s downhill he’s hard to defend with his size and strength at 6’6 and is a highflyer that’s trying to break the rim on every dunk. He’s a steal for a program to fill a late forward roster spot.