Next Level Scouting’s Rumble in the Peach State Player Evaluations

Tyler Thompson | 6’4” G| Bo Bell 2025

Thompson was easily one of the top prospects over the weekend. The standout out of North Atlanta already has high major offers and the list will continue to grow. He’s hard to defend with his explosive attributes and ability to shoot from mid-range and behind the arch. Tyler is hard to stop once he’s on the attack downhill with his frame, speed and strength to get past multiple defenders and can score in bunches. Thompson posted several explosive dunks that only took one dribble before he exploded down the lane. Definitely on our radar as he enters his senior season.

Abu Jallow | 6’5” G/F | Jet Academy 2028

Jallow is an intriguing prospect with a lot of upside to continue to grow his game. He has great size and is versatile as he’s able to play around the perimeter with his size. Jallow displayed his ability to handle around smaller quicker guards while finishing on all three levels on the floor. Defensively he’s an asset with his length and ability to rim protect, paired with his on ball defense that allows him to switch on pick and rolls comfortably. We expect Jallow to be in that collegiate conversation soon as he progresses into his high school career.

Austin Leonard | 6’0” G | Decatur Blazers 2029

Leonard is a poised guard that plays the game the right way and seems to always make the right play. He plays a balanced game between attacking the rim and shooting from the field, which keeps defenders honest and guessing on his next move. The standout plays well within the offense with a nice skillset and is not selfish with his decision making. He knows when to be aggressive and look to score and can give you baskets on consecutive possessions. A young prospect to continue to watch.

Sterling Pritchett | 6’0” G | Norcross Heat 2028

Pritchett out of Tucker had an impressive weekend for the Norcross Heat. He’s aggressive on the offense end and looks to make a play every possession. Pritchett has a deep skillset that he uses to create space as as a playmaker but has a natural way of letting the game come to him to score with volume. He is a great facilitator and has the ability to create offense for others. Plays hard on the defense end as well and is a high-level competitor.

Noah Holloway | 6’4” G| Formula Elite 2024

Noah was another guy over the weekend that had some impressive performances. He’s very comfortable behind the perimeter and has a quick release that is hard to defend and can score in bunches. He showed great floor awareness and patience in his game and was never rushed in his decision making and looked to get teammates involved in the offense. He also showed the ability to play above the rim with a few dunks and is equally talented as slasher.

Jaelen Cheaves | 6’1” G | Tier 2 Elite 2025

Jalean Cheaves had an impressive showing for Tier 2 Elite. The standout guard out of Campbell is relentless attacking the rim and is almost impossible to stop when he’s playing at a high level. He’s crafty off the dribble and has a quick first step that is hard to stay in front of. His ability to finish through traffic with acrobatic finishes is elite. Cheaves can score in volume and showed the ability to score in consecutive possessions while still playing a true PG role. He also showed effort on the defensive end with steals and on ball defense.

Kentaevion Moreland | 6’3” G | AE5 2026

Moreland was one of the top prospects in his class over the weekend. He’s versatile with his skillset, attributes and what he brings to the game. Kentaevion can play off isolation from the top of the key, work defenders midrange and finish off the block, all of the dribble. He showed the ability to knock down perimeter shots which keeps defenders honest and plays hard on the defensive end. Keep Moreland on your radar out of Troup.  

Brian Clark II | 6’3” G | Tier 2 Elite 2026

Clark had an impressive showing for Tier 2 Elite over the weekend and led his team to a championship run. High motor guy that can rotate positions in the backcourt and is great in transition. Mostly effective behind the arch and is a consistent knockdown shooter but can attack the rim off the dribble and finish around defenders. Plays well within the offense and brings the same energy and effort on the defensive end and on the glass. Definitely a player to watch out for Pace Academy.

Johnquell Garner | 6’5” G/F | Jet Academy 2028

Johnquell is easily one of the top prospects in class over the weekend. He can do it all offensively and has a wide range of attributes on the offensive and defensive end. He’s a high-level competitor that leaves all on the court. Garner can play inside or out with his ability to take defenders off the dribble, shoot and bang in the post with forwards. Great rebounder especially on the offensive end and can finish around and through contact. Keep on you eye on Johnquell as he progresses through his career as an elite prospect.

Jaylen Sanders | 6’4” G | So Fresh Elite 2025

Jaylen is a natural two guard with a smooth game. He has a smooth release from and has a high IQ and good feel for the game. He’s quick off the dribble and moves well without the ball to find space to get open and score. The standout from Harrison has a nice skillset off the dribble as well and can score off isolation attacking the rim while finding space past multiple defenders. He easily a fit in any offense collegiately.