Rumble in the Peach State ’24 – (Standouts Pt. 2)

Cumming, GA – Rumble in the Peach State was a highly anticipated event that lived up to the hype! There were a ton of high level prospects all the way from middle school to the high school ranks. Check out this 4 part series that goes in depth about several prospects that were on display.

Galen Roberts | 2027 | 6’7″ Wing (GA) | Georgia Gators

Excellent wing that has good size, athleticism and scoring touch. Gets to the basket well with his dribble and knows how to fill in transition lanes. Improving jump-shooter that will catch the eye of college coaches sooner than later. Roberts’ versatility makes him a valuable asset.

Daniel Harper | 2027 | 6’0″ Guard (GA) | Atlanta Kings
Elite athlete at the lead guard position. Scholarship level ability to blow past defenders and has some shiftiness to his game. Due to breakout at any moment. Harper’s explosive style makes him hard to contain.

Phillip Claybrooks | 2028 | 6’0″ Guard (GA) | Prestige
Claybrooks is a natural-born scorer that can shoot it well, finish around the basket and can pass the ball well. Very well-rounded offensive player with an excellent skill level. His scoring ability makes him a go-to option in crucial moments.

Abel Trotman | 2027 | 6’0″ Guard (GA) | Mpire Elite
Elusive lead guard that excels at getting downhill. Finishes well around the basket with either hand. Outstanding defensively and has quick hands. Trotman’s defensive tenacity stands out and he impacts the game in a big way with his constant pressure. Has very quick hands.

Christian Wofford | 2027 | 6’0″ Guard (GA) | Norcross Heat
Active guard that doesn’t allow defenses to key in on him. Always seemed prepared for different defensive looks and scored it consistently in different ways. His versatility makes him a constant threat on the floor.

Jabari Hall | 2026 | 6’6″ Wing (GA) | Soo Fresh Supreme
Athletic wing prospect that is wired to score. Has a knack for finishing through contact and around the basket. Possesses a solid floater and has a good motor. Hall’s energy and drive keep defenders on their toes.

Braelan Lang | 2027 | 6’0″ Guard (GA) | Young Dream Chasers
Crafty scoring guard that can put up big scoring numbers with minimal dribbles. Has good length and size. One to monitor closer. Lang’s efficiency makes him a valuable asset on offense.

Makadin Cole | 2030 | 6’2″ Forward (GA) | Decatur Blazers
Excellent athlete that is strong on the glass and finishes well inside. Fast in the open floor, protects the rim and rebounds it well. Cole’s athleticism makes him a force in transition.

Cameron Cannon | 2027 | 6’0″ Guard (GA) | East Point Rebels
Incredible shot maker that can light up the scoreboard with big numbers. Automatic from downtown, rarely stops moving and a better-than-advertised ball-handler. Cannon’s shooting range makes him a consistent threat.

Ethan Sulka | 2028 | 5’10” Guard (GA) | Shockers
Outstanding knockdown shooter. Never shied away from taking and making big shots for his team. Was by far one of the better shooters in his division. Sulka’s confidence in clutch moments is impressive.

Brian Clark | 2026 | 6’3″ Guard (GA) | Tier2Elite
Strong-bodied guard that can knock down shots along the perimeter and can bully his way to the basket. Clark’s physicality makes him tough to defend.