Bilal’s Prime Performers (ATL HOOPFEST – Part 1)

The ATL HoopFest lived up to the hype. A packed tournament in every each group that gave us stories and highlights for ages. This event gets people in the mood for travel basketball season. An underrated talent pool to say the least. I analyzed prospects from 7th-12th grade that coaches should be looking into now and the future. Read all about the next generation!

Marquis Copney | 6’2” | GHA Equality | 2023

The fact that Copney is an unsigned senior is head scratching. He was flying up and down the court throughout the weekend. Friday night he put everyone on notice that his athleticism will bring some excitement to the ATL HoopFest. Copney has a quick burst in the open floor that leads him straight to the basket. He doesn’t shy away from contact either, he’s looking to embrace it and finish what he started. This is a player that you do not want to jump with. He has elite quick twitches and solid ball handling that gets him to his spots, which is normally inside the paint. Copney will add instant energy to any college program that takes a chance on him. 

Michael Milligan | 5’9” | GHA Equality | 2024

The quickness and change of direction that Milligan displayed was remarkable. He maintained immense ball control even in traffic. Milligan has sneaky leaping ability, which allows him to be uniquely productive on the boards as a guard. Not to mention his basketball instincts are at the level of a collegiate guard. Milligan strength is an underrated part of his game. Guards won’t easily knock him off his spot which is a massive component in recruiting. 

Mahkai Seymour | 5’10” | GHA Equality | 2024

Seymour is an exceptional 6th man for Go Hard Academy. On many other teams he would be starting and for good reason. Seymour doesn’t complain or have a bad attitude when it comes to coming off the bench. From the outside looking in you can tell he’s one of the leaders of this group. Even with his play, Seymour goes above and beyond and that energy feeds off on the entire team. Seymour created his own shot in the midrange area and didn’t hesitate to crash the boards either. 

Jakai Cunningham | 6’3” | Britt Basketball Academy | 2024

Cunningham is a smooth guard with long arms. During the ATL Hoop Fest he didn’t look to force anything. He allowed the game to come to him and manipulated the defense with his constant paint touches, which opened up his shooters. Cunningham has amazing court vision and excellent ball control. With his size, wingspan and natural jumper at the lead guard position, Cunningham is a tough cover. 

Tourran Warner | 6’6” | Britt Basketball Academy | 2024

Warner has one of the purest shooting strokes in Georgia. The 6’6” wing sets his feet quick and launches threes, on target, without hesitation. Warner got hot quick from deep and once he saw the ball go in the net a few times, the hoop must’ve looked like the ocean for him, because he could hardly miss. He even showed off the one dribble pull up which all players on the wing should have or develop. Looking forward to seeing what college program lands Warner. He’s going to be a huge addition to your offense. 

Justin Payne | 5’9” | Atlanta Reds | 2024

Here’s another lead guard that I’ve been analyzing a ton as of late and I will continue to because I’m impressed with his overall approach to basketball. Payne has a rare level of professionalism to him. His leadership, poise and knowledge of the game is one of the best I’ve seen in the state of Georgia. I’m addition to the intangibles, Payne has the full package of tangible assets to lead a ball club. At the ATL HoopFest he had the midrange jumper and floater flowing, per usual. He got to his spots with quick and elite push out dribbles that left the defense guessing what would be next. Payne is slowly become a deadeye shooter from deep as well. He could always hit the three ball, but his efficiency increases every time I evaluate him. 

Byrd Carter | 6’2” | Atlanta Reds | 2024

Carter is a big guard that likes to operate around the perimeter, but he’s no stranger to posting up smaller defenders for easier buckets. He has remarkable footwork and plenty of moves to be useful in the mid post for his team. On a few occasions Carter scored off of turn around jumpers or spinning back door for a layup. He understands mismatches and looks to exploit them every chance his gets. Carter is more than a shooter.

Josiah Jones | 5’10” | Birmingham Blaze | 2024

Jones would not let his team go down without a fight. His scoring impact was massive. Teams felt every single bucket he scored. Jones had a 32 point outing that was electrifying. He scored so effortlessly from all over the floor. Jones got down hill so easily that it made it tough for the defense to double team him. Incredible scoring performances all weekend from Jones. 

Jonathan Sneh | 6’1” | Dunwoody United | 2025

Sneh has a surprisingly dynamic in between game. What came as a shock was, Sneh doesn’t show it off much. He’s extremely unselfish and looks to get everybody involved to keep the offensive flowing. He has a nice jumper with a quick release. Sneh’s dribble drive helped Dunwoody United in a major way, because when the defense collapsed he didn’t press to get himself a bucket. He used his teammates and that posed as a true confidence boost for the entire club throughout the ATL HoopFest.

Kamden Stone | 5’10” | Georgia Stars Select | 2025

The lethal lefty! Don’t allow Kamden Stone to get going. Once he sees the ball go through the hoop there will be a profound number of buckets dropped on your team and for good reason. Stone’s volume scoring and an efficient shooting helped Georgia Select Stars capture the 10th grade Silver Championship. Even at his size he looked to go amongst the trees and finish or get to the line. Knowing how to draw fouls and control the game is a unique craft that Stone has. He’s a vocal leader that also leads by example. Monster spring and summer coming up for Stone.

Lamari Campbell | 6’4” | Georgia Stars Select | 2025

Campbell is an active force in the post and on the glass. The lanky forward displayed his ability to knock down the midrange while controlling the paint. Campbell ran the floor with his guards and filled his lanes that resulted in successful transition possessions for the Georgia Stars Select. Campbell played bigger and better every game. Looking forward to seeing the impact he makes at Centennial High School next season.