Bilal’s Prime Performers (ATL HOOPFEST – Part 2)

The ATL HoopFest lived up to the hype. A packed tournament in every each group that gave us stories and highlights for ages. This event gets people in the mood for travel basketball season. An underrated talent pool to say the least. I analyzed prospects from 7th-12th grade that coaches should be looking into now and the future. Read all about the next generation!

Joshua Harden | 6’2” | Georgia Stars Select | 2025

Harden is the prototypical two-way wing. He’s well-rounded in all aspects of the game. Harden makes the toughest shots on offense and takes the toughest assignments on defense. Harden’s sheer presence on the floor gave his team an extra boost. When you have someone that can do a little bit of everything the game comes a lot easier for any team. Even when Harden had his jumper going he didn’t settle with hoisting up shots from long range. Instead Harden walk his opponents down or elected to beat them off the dribble to keep pressure on the defense. One thing you can count on from Harden is that he’s going to give it his all every game. 

 Addison Dyer | 5’10” | AE5 | 2025

Dyer capped off a stellar weekend leading AE5 to the 9th grade Gold Championship and winning Most Outstanding Player in the process. Dyer’s attention to detail and ability to dissect the defense was a key factor in his team winning. He’s a player that gets his production within the flow of the game. Dyer played a a steady pace that allowed him to pick and choose his spots on the floor to be most effective. 

Rollie Pinto | 6’0” | AE5 | 2025

Pinto had to be the most pure shooter we had at the ATL HoopFest. His teams knew exactly where to find him and when he caught the ball on the perimeter defenses yelled shooter! If your close out was too late, Pinto made you pay. What I loved most about his play was he didn’t camp out at the three point line. Pinto had a few face cuts and backdoor cuts that got him easy looks at the rim. There’s always room on the floor for a shooter. You’ll hear me say that a lot, because it’s true. 

Antonio Rivers | 5’10” | AE5 | 2025

Rivers had a solid weekend in which he showed flashes that he is capable of being a dominant guard in Georgia. It was impossible to stay in front of Rivers at the ATL HoopFest. His dribble drive and paint touches cause matchup problems game after game. Even on a stacked AE5 team Rivers stood out and put his peers on notice. 

Kartell Webb | 6’3” | Atlanta Outsidaz | 2025

Webb’s presence on the basketball court is massive. Whenever you’re matched up against him, you know that he is there. Webb looked to impose his will in the paint every game. He’s efficient around the basket and has a smooth mid post game as well. Webb thrived off of the contact that was initiated and most of the time he won his matchup. 

Howie Roberts | 6’5 | Dunwoody United | 2025

Looking for a player to fit your offensive schemes and sets? One to stretch the floor with size? Look no further than Howie Roberts! He executed plays to perfection out of the timeout during the ATL HoopFest, along with getting subtle buckets when his team was in need. Roberts can shoot it from deep at a high clip. He’s also an excellent cutter. With two years left of high school Roberts is making splashes early this spring. 

Frank Jackson | 6’2” | Atlanta Kings | 2026

Jackson proved he can be effective even if he doesn’t have it going offensively. From rebounding to guarding the every position on opposing teams en route to assisting the Atlanta Kings to the 10th grade Gold Championship while playing up. Jackson is not a player that needs the ball to put his imprint on the game. His post play was huge for the Kings as well. When his jumper was working, Jackson went mid-low post and got some easy buckets to keep the flow of the offense strong. He’s one prospect I will continue to put on the forefront. I believe in players that believe in themselves and put in the work. 

Anderson Shepherd | 6’2” | Georgia Stars Select | 2025

Shepherd is the quintessential two guard in todays game. He can score and operate in the full court, mid-high post, from the perimeter and out of the pick and roll. His offensive repertoire is pretty profound. He makes up for his lack of supreme athleticism through his smooth jump shot and efficiency. As he continues to get stronger, Shepherd will be more unstoppable. 

Andrew Taylor III | 5’7” | Atlanta Kings | 2026

What more can I say about the lead guard, floor general, point god that Taylor III is? Facilitating, defending and scoring when he has to. He is everything you want in a small guard. His fearlessness was the driving force in their championship run. Two games in their pursuit of the chip, the Kings were down double digits and Taylor III kept his team calm. One stop and one bucket at a time he never lost his cool. The most amazing part is the way Taylor III kept going to teammates even if they were struggling early. That boosted their confidence. His play earned him 10th grade Gold Championship Most Outstanding Player. He plays the game like a leader should. Therrell High School has a gem leading the charge. 

Reginald Harris | 5’10” | Atlanta Kings | 2026

Harris game is very fluid. He takes what the defense gives him and more times than not he makes a play. In the ATL HoopFest, Harris showed off his ability to slash. He broke defenses down left and right even when it seemed as though his team had no direction. Harris doesn’t say much. He just hoops and he’s pretty good at it. 

Xavier Tiller | 6’3” | Atlanta Kings | 2026

Tiller is a agile big that is consistently growing. He has huge hands and a soft touch around the rim. He showed flashes of his back to the basket and post game throughout the ATL HoopFest. One noticeable advantage Oglesby-Smith had was his quick feet. Beating opposing bigs to spots to get the shot he desires and keeping up with guards on the defensive in. Expecting Tiller to grow even more, keep your eye on him. He’ll be very sought after.