Bilal’s Prime Performers (ATL HOOPFEST – Part 3)

The ATL HoopFest lived up to the hype. A packed tournament in every each group that gave us stories and highlights for ages. This event gets people in the mood for travel basketball season. An underrated talent pool to say the least. I analyzed prospects from 7th-12th grade that coaches should be looking into now and the future. Read all about the next generation!

Michael Scott | 5’10” | Atlanta Kings | 2026

Scott was a key component to one of the Kings comebacks at the ATL HoopFest. His sharpshooting and ball pressure is what put them over the top against the GA Travelers. Scott has the clutch gene and made shots when his team needed him to the most. Scott is an exceptional on ball defender and takes pride in getting stops. He is evolving into a reliable two-way guard. 

Dillon Nixon | Bo Bell | 2026

Nixon made timely buckets each and every game. With Bo Bell’s ball movement and offensive shifts, Nixon is able to get quality shots that he often took advantage of. In the open floor Nixon made the right play and didn’t look to force a bucket. With Nixon’s one on one capabilities and the half court productivity Bo Bell has, there offense has a smooth steady flow. 

Ayden Thomas | Prestige | 2027

When Thomas’ teammates think he doesn’t see them, he does. He surprised them with some slick passes that put them in position to get easy baskets. Thomas always has his head up and is looking to push the pace. He’s extremely crafty around the rim and scores effortlessly from the mid-range to around the basket. Thomas is a lead guard that puts the team success over his own and that’s going to administer much success for him every basketball level he reaches. 

Culen Browne | Prestige | 2027

Browne’s a high basketball IQ hybrid guard/wing. As the tournament went on he became more comfortable with putting the ball on the floor and showing off his entire arsenal. Browne’s sweet spot is around the elbow. He has a smooth stroke from the midrange area. In addition to Browne’s offensive style he can defend a slew of positions. He’s a capable and disciplined defender in the interior and on the perimeter. As Browne continues to grow he’ll get a more true position, but he is a luxury to have because his coach can plug him into about 3 positions and he’ll be productive.

Devin Chester | Prestige | 2027 

The shiftiness that Chester displayed game after game was pure art. His craftsmanship forced coaches to give Chester multiple looks throughout the game, but it didn’t matter. Whoever stepped in front of Chester during ATL HoopFest they had a very tough time staying in front of him. Chester had a sequence that rivaled Kyrie Irving’s ball handling masterpiece during Team USA practice years ago. He really has the ball on a string and a knack for scoring the basketball. 

Jahari Hatter | 6’3” | Triangle Offense | 2027

Hatter’s defense and offensive post presence alongside Gehrig Felix is too much for most teams in the 8th grade. Hatter’s length posed a ton of problems for Georgia Prestige in the 8th grade Gold championship game. He consistently cleaned the glass on both ends of the floor. The second chance point opportunities he created for Triangle Offense was an essential component to them winning it all. I’m interested to see how Hatter expands his game. 

Chase Mohn | 6’1” | Triangle Offense | 2027

There’s only a handful of guys that can score on all three levels and do a little bit of everything overall. Mohn is in that handful of players. His athleticism jumps off the charts. That’ll be one of many things you notice about this stellar hooper. Mohn displayed effectiveness from the wing, top of the key, post around the rim and most importantly on the defensive end. His instincts are far advanced for an 8th grade. He’s on my personal watch list!

Gehrig Felix | 6’5” | Triangle Offense | 2027 

Felix was a handful throughout the entire ATL Hoop Fest. His presence alone opened up the game for his counterparts to operate. He is a skilled rebounder that seems to know exactly where the ball is going to land. Felix had a dominant performance in the 8th grade Gold Championship which led to him being crowned the MVP of the game. He posted a double double with 10 points and 10 rebounds. In addition to his offensive production, Felix’s ability to alter shots gave his guards a huge boost if they got beat off the dribble. 6’5” and growing. I’m expecting this big man to be a force in high school.