Bilal’s Prime Performers (Rock City Classic – Part 2)

Rock City Classic was by far the most fierce, aggressive and zealous tournament of the travel season. Players dove on the floor for loose balls, played through contact without complaints and most importantly backed up the trash talk with their game. It was great to see the talent in North Carolina blended with other parts of the country. The talent gets better and better with each NGS event.

Cam’ren Reyes | 6’1” | Garner Road | 2025

Reyes proved to be a reliable scorer on all three levels at the Rock City Classic. The most remarkable thing in his game is how capable of a ball handler he is and the way he can break defenses down to get his own shot or make plays for others. True lead guard qualities. 

Preston Copeland | 6’8” | Garner Road | 2025

Copeland was a double double machine. From our calculations he averaged a double double throughout the Rock City Classic. He dominated the glass and held teams to one shot. His outlet passes started the break in good fashion for Garner Road and led to quick buckets. Offensively, Copeland had the best seal off in the post of any big at the tournament. He showed that he has great hands and looks to dive deep to the basket and get the highest percentage shot possible. A very fundamentally sound big. 

Monte Broadie | 6’2” | NC Invasion | 2025

Broadie’s length was a problem for opposing teams. Offensively, he has a quick first step and uses his long strides to get to the cup. Defensively, Broadie moves extremely well laterally and defends without fouling. He’s a good two-way player to look out for in the coming years. 

Denelly Coppedge | 6’1” | NC Invasion | 2026

Coppedge’s strength and power was a ton to deal with on the perimeter for most guards. He weighed players down by using his body to get to his spots and shield off contact. Coppedge has the frame and abilities of a player that can be a tough 3-D prospect. 

Jamiere Harris | 6’1” | East Carolina Elite | 2025

Harris caught my eye by playing unselfish basketball. He consistently made the extra pass and the right play. Especially in the open floor, Harris went coast to coast drew defenders end just to give his teammates the benefit of his hard work. Harris is a playmaker that can play on or off the ball and that is a key component guards need to be able to do at the next level. 

Brandon Carter | 6’0” | Team Dolo | 2025

Carter’s inside-outside scoring was amazing to see. He finished strong in traffic and knocked down long range jumpers when he was open or with defense draped on him. Carter’s strength at the wing position posed multiple mismatches for opposing teams in Team Dolo’s route to the championship. 

Darrion Ellis | 6’6” | Team Trezz | 2025

The high flying 6’6” wing put on a show at the Rock City Classic. Ellis played as if he had something to prove against fellow North Carolina opponents. He will be a sought after recruit over the next two years. His athleticism, speed, defensive prowess and belief in the work he puts in screams impactful D1 prospect. 

Jiyoun Williams | 5’11” | Team Trezz | 2025

Williams had a certain bounce in his step that lifted his team to the championship. He adequately orchestrated the pick and roll and ran the fast break in an efficient manner. Williams advanced the ball without second thought to get the absolute best and high quality shot for his ball club. His wings and bigs galloped down the floor when Williams had the ball knowing they’ll be rewarded for running the floor. He brought a certain level of energy and leadership that championship teams need. 

Elijah Melton | 6’6” | Sandhills Machine | 2025

Melton owned the paint throughout the Rock City Classic. His energy in the post to go along with his leaping ability made him unguardable. Melton’s agility and power will demand coaches attention all spring and summer. His body and game is remarkably progressive. Melton will be on a large amount of recruiting boards during the upcoming live periods.