Anthony Moreno | 5’2 | PG | 2029

Anthony Moreno was one of the more aggressive lead guards in attendance at both ends of the floor. I particularly enjoyed watching him on the defensive end where he continuously harassed opposing players in the back court and secured a handful of easy buckets for his team by picking the pocket of other guards. Once he got the ball in his hands he knew it was time to get downhill and create for himself or others. Anthony is hands down one of the most advanced point guards in attendance.

Page Getter | 5’11 | SG | 2028

Page Getter is the consummate teammate that is capable of impacting a ball game without making a
huge impact on a box score. A true connective piece that is more than happy to make the extra pass to a
teammate ready to launch from deep. There is legitimate value in Page’s 3&D ability as defenders must
respect his jumper. He has also shown the ability to confidently attack closeouts and make the right read
among the rotating defenders.

Timothy Woodson | 6’0 | SG | 2028

Timothy Woodson is a bucket getter in every sense of the word. A freak athlete for his age, Timothy is
impossibly to keep away from the bucket. He is able to reach his spots in a variety of ways whether it be
using his strength to plow through a defender or his skill to blow by after a shifty move. Timothy has a
basketball IQ that is advanced enough to know when to attack and from what angles to best position
himself for a bucket.

Athens Davenport | 5’11 | SG | 2028

Athens Davenport was one of the physically strongest athletes in attendance while also possessing
advanced skill. Athens has a tight handle which when combined with his physical strength make for a
bowling ball effect on unlucky defenders. Athens is more than willing to go through or around defenders
when working his way to the basket. Once in the paint he is a very crafty finisher that has a variety of
tricks in his deep bag.

Charles Harris | 5’11 | SF | 2028

Charles Harris is a big bodied wing who knows how to take advantage of a mismatch. Not many are able
to slow down Charles when he stakes his position on the low block. Charles loves to overpower
undermatched defenders and has great touch on either block. Charles is already showing ambidextrous abilities at this early stage in his development. Charles has the potential to continuing be a low post
bully for years to come.

Johnquell Garner | 6’3 | PF | 2028

Johnquell Garner is a walking mismatch. Too strong for smaller defenders and too fast/skilled for bigger
opponents. Johnquell plays with a level of intensity that is unmatched. This allows him to seek out
mismatches and attack. Johnquell is already playing above the rim and had several posters on the
weekend. This intensity translates to the defensive end where he is a turnover machine.

Marcel Morris | 5’7 | SF | 2029

Marcel Morris is a strong guard/wing that loves to put his head down and get to the basket where he is
a creative finisher with a deep bag of layup moves. Marcel shows much more unique ability around the
rim than your typical middle school prospect. As the years go by I would expect Marcel to become an
absolute menace with the ball in his hands getting downhill.

Treu Taylor | 5’4 | PG | 2029

Treu Taylor is a phenomenal lead guard that plays much wiser than his age would suggest. Treu already
possesses all the leadership traits necessary to lead a team and the physical tools are there as well. The
quick point guard shows tremendous change of direction both with and without the ball. A tight handle
allows him to dictate the pace and get to his preferred spots on the court. I particularly enjoy watching
Treu get into the paint where he has some top-notch evasive moves to get his shot off over larger
defenders or make the kickout pass to a shooter.

Noah McGrath | 5’6 | SG | 2029

The first thing that stands out about Noah McGrath is his confidence. He knows that he belongs among
the top of the top prospects and that translates to his play on the court. Already a very competent
shooter, he is always looking for the next opportunity to let it fly. He makes great use of his plus
positional size at the two guard position and is able to get his shot off quickly over his defender.

Carson Frazier | 5’2 | PG | 2029

Carson Frazier is full of potential at the point guard spot. The first thing that becomes evident when
watching Carson is that he is a plus ball handler. Despite his young age he has all of the advanced dribble
moves that you typically see varsity players pulling off in game. All of his moves are performed with a
certain sharpness as well. His hesi dribble is probably the best among all 2029 prospects at the
showcase. Carson is a very entertaining player to watch.