Austin Dennard | 6’5 | PF | 2028
Austin Dennard is becoming a common sight in my writeups and for good reason. It is nearly impossible
to overlook the production that he is producing in the showcase setting. It does not matter who you put
around him, Austin is going to rack up points, boards, and blocks at a level greater than the majority of
others in these settings. The big-bodied forward is able to put the ball on the floor and impacts the
game in every aspect imaginable.

Hunter Wilder | 6’3 | SF | 2028
Hunter Wilder is a big-bodied wing that is most impactful in his ability to defend across the board. More than willing and capable to guard 1-5, Hunter is a handful in the passing lanes or on the ball. Good positional size makes it easy for him to guard multiple positions even on the same possession. This switchability is an underrated skill that will really shine as Hunter progresses into High School ball. Full of intangibles, Hunter is also a promising scorer that can comfortably operate at all three levels.

AJ Williams | 6’5 | SG | 2028 
AJ Williams has made his impression as a top 5 player in the state for his class. I’ve seen him a few times this summer and he seems to improve each time. I believe he may have grown an inch or two as well.
Long term there aren’t many that can contend with his mix of tools. AJ already has prototypical shooting guard size and a game to match. Nothing can speed him up from his own pace and he is deadly working
around the perimeter. When he decided to get to the rim good luck stopping him. AJ is no slouch on the other end either and is more than willing to sacrifice his body for a charge.

Bryson Jatta | 6’ | CG | 2028
Bryson Jatta did what he always does: plays winning basketball. The sturdily built combo guard defended 1-5 at a high level and took it upon himself to shut down each opposing teams best player regardless of position. It was a breath of fresh air to see a top prospect choose to clamp up in a camp
setting. Bryson more than held his own on the offensive end as well. Playing an aggressive brand of basketball, Bryson lived in the paint and was nearly unstoppable when picking up a head of steam on
the way to the basket. A no nonsense ballhandler, Bryson knows his spots and how to get to them in an
efficient manner.

Eli Tu | 5’4 | PG | 2028
Eli Tu was one of the most electric scorers in attendance on the weekend. Eli started his weekend off by
hitting 3 big three pointers in the first half of his matchup. Eli did not stop there as he lit up the nets all
weekend and made a name for himself. A slithery handle allows Eli to create space for his patented 3-
ball while also balancing when to get to the bucket. Eli is a willing passer that opens the game up for
teammates based on his threat to pull-up at any moment.

Sanders Mitchell |6’ | PF | 2029
Instagram: the_sandersmitchell14 Sanders Mitchell was arguably the most versatile class of 29 prospect in attendance. The smooth lefty has good size and a well-rounded game to match. He is a joy to watch work in the high post where he plays much wiser than his age would predict. Very capable of putting the ball on the floor to create angles for his own shot or easy kick outs to shooters as he collapses the defense. Sanders is also a skilled rebounder that has a nose for the ball. Sanders was simply one of the most skilled prospects regardless of class in attendance.

Evan Macpherson | 5’ | PG | 2029
Instagram: evanmac2029 Evan MacPherson is a bundle of energy. The small guard does not let his height stop him from making a significant impact on the court. He makes up for his small stature by showing innate quickness that can not be taught. He moves with a certain swagger that shows he has put the work in to succeed. An advanced handle allows him to dictate an offense while manipulating the defense into whatever he wants. When looking for his own shot he has a deep bag with floaters and a quick release to get his shot off over taller defenders.

Amir Chaudhry | 5’9 | SF | 2029
Amir Chaudhry is a smooth operating wing that seems to get to any spot on the floor at his own pace. Defenders must respect his pretty stroke which extends to the three-point line, and he is not afraid to let it fly in your face. A high release point is what allows Amir to get his shot off even when he appears to be well-guarded. He has functional athleticism paired with consistent hustle that allows him to stand out in any setting.

Isiah Robinson | 5’4 | PG | 2029
Isiah Robinson has a strong, compact frame similar to prime Raymond Felton. Defenders seem to
bounce off of him as he works his way to the basket where he is at his best. He excels playing bully ball
from the point guard position and is a good leader along the way. He is very vocal and makes sure his
teammates are locked in and in the right positions. His jumper is pure with really good mechanics for
such a young player. As Isiah matures physically, he is going to a problem for opposing defenses.

Tylan Phillips | 4’9 | PG | 2029
Tylan Phillips was possibly the smallest prospect in attendance, but he packs a ton of skill and energy
into his small frame. He is a true floor general that takes care of the ball while setting others up for easy
buckets. He has mastered several dribble combos that left any defender tasked with matching up with
Tylan in the dust. He is more than just a distributor though as he showed a beautiful stroke off the
dribble that he was able to get into at will.