Mathurine’s Report: War Lodge Invitational

Denmark vs Alpharetta

Luke Jensen 2024 I 5’10 G I Denmark 
Luke was the senior guard and vocal leader for this group. He battled hard through four quarters and hit some timely shots to help Denmark seal the game late.  He refused to let Alpharetta throw him and his teammates off there square and continued to pour confidence in his group and made sure to match the intensity with Alpharetta. Read the floor well and contributed 15pts in win. 

Alagi Joof 2024 I 6’2 G I Denmark
Joof was one of the more impactful players on the day and came up big for Denmark.  He had an unorthodox shooting style, but anytime he was able to set his feet you could guarantee the bucket. He has some sneaky length to him which helped him make some plays defensively.

Luke Lipovsek 2024 I 6’2 G I Denmark
Luke Lipovsek was a walking bucket for Denmark.  He got to the free throw line well and displayed the ability to score from anywhere on the court.  His 14 second half points were crucial as he knocked down some big 3s. Luke finished with 20 points in the win.

Jacob Bryant 2024 I 6’3 G I Alpharetta 
Love Bryant’s size at the guard spot.  He was a playmaker and could score on all levels.  He played with a great pace, and you can see him working his way up and building confidence as the contest went on.  He showed good defensive energy and had a few above the rim moments.  Bryant finished with 17pts (three 3’s).

Will Kimes 2024 I 6’4 F/G I Alpharetta
Kimes was a bucket and he had late hot hand for Alpharetta although there efforts fell short.  Alpharetta has good size, and Kimes on the wing used his to his advantage. Kimes has a solid mid-range game and is effective at getting to the rim. Kimes toughness will be key to help Alpharetta make a late run in the season. He had the team high 22pts

Lambert vs Cherokee

Lawrence Sanford 2025 I 6’3 G I Cherokee
Not trying to harp on the same things to much, but it was business as usual for Lawrence.  He continues to show how he’s effective in more ways that putting the ball in the rim.  Whether it was a film session or something he saw in the defense he used the first quarter to really get his guys going and building there confidence.  Once he got going, it was lights out.  The quick handles were on display, his mid-range was falling and he threw down a couple of jams to bring the energy.  Sanford is a special talent and showed how big of a team player he is. 

Aiden Evans 2026 I 6’1 G I Cherokee 
The scout report favored Aiden early as he scored the teams first 11 points. He did it in a multitude of ways with the jumper, getting to the rim, and knocking down the 3.   He is another player that the Warriors can count on for quality depths.

Cameron Bland 2025 I 5’11 G I Lambert
Bland is a fierce guard with a strong low base.  He capitalized on moments of getting down hill and finishing in traffic.  Bland battled for rebounds as a lot of his points came from offensive rebound and second chance points as well. 

William Dopfer 2026 I 6’6 F I Lambert
Dopfer had the height advantage on his side and he made sure to make his presence felt.  He was physical on the boards, worked well in the post and was a reliable target for his guards when needing last minute dump offs.  Dopfer has a good understanding of how to use his body and will only look to build on it. 

Sequoyah vs. Centennial

Brendan Touissant 2025 I 6’5 F I Sequoyah
Touissant showed how he can use his size to be effective by driving the lane and finishing at the rim.  He has a solid release on his shot, but when he played inside out he was the most effective.  Toussaint is definitely a player to track.

Kam Stone 2025 I 6’0 G I Centennial
Kam brought some good energy and intensity with his matchup against Sequoyah. With good length and a wiry frame he was able to slither through defenses and score on multiple levels. The lefty made some good reads and showed he can handle to the guard spot well.

Noah Brady 2027 I 6’7 F/G I Centennial
I caught Noah over the summer and the work is continuing to show. The 6’7 F made multiple plays in transition and shows a comfortability in handling the ball and pushing it up court. Still learning his game and figuring his body out, the high level reps will continue to build his confidence.  Brady is only scratching the surface his potential which is through the roof. 

More Notables 

Joshua Hill 2024 I 6’5 F I Alpharetta
Hill is physical on the boards, and has good size for this team. 

Hunter Campbell 2025 I 6’3 G I Centennial
An aggressive scorer. Couldn’t be stopped downhill.  Finished with 19pts 

Cade Lomas 2025 I 6’1 G I Sequoyah 
Effortless shooter with high release, and can get hot quick.

Jayden Harris 2027 I 6’3 G I South Forsyth
Well rounded group, and showed flashes that he can help lead this team.  He has great size, and he already has a solid skill set foundation. One to monitor for the future.