T.L Hannah Has a Big Three

T.L Hanna Yellow Jackets came to play at the Deep South Classic and were led by their big three #15 Lucas Weirsma, #2 Javeyn Martin & #4 Jaquarious Patterson. What makes this big three special is that you have a standout player at all 3 levels of the floor. C/o 2024 Javeyn Martin is true point guard that has a poised play about him. Martin is never rushed with his decision making, whether he is setting up the play for his teammates or aggressive on the attack looking to score. He seems to know when to be a aggressive and when to defer as a true point guard which makes him special. C/o 2026 forward Lucas Weirsma might be the most intriguing out the trio being that he is a 6’6 sophomore that loves to bang in the interior which is rare these days. Weirsma is an absolute beast on the glass and has an high IQ to make the right play in the interior to find a cutting teammate, spot up shooter in the corner, or to use his size to score. He plays hard on both sides of the ball and will only improve as he continues his high school career. 2024 wing Jaquarious Patterson has to be the most collegiate ready prospect out the bunch. At 6’6 he is extremely versatile and can score anywhere on the court. Patterson has a quick trigger from 3 which will definitely be needed at the next level. Defensively he’s quick on his feet which allows him to guard smaller/quicker guards and can finish around bigger defenders with craft. T.L Hanna is currently 13-3 in region 5A out of Anderson, SC.