Tip-Off Middle School Recap pt. 2

Cumming, GA – Over the weekend, NGS kicked off it’s travel ball season with the Who Got Next Tip-Off.  This is the second part of the breakdown highlighting several middle school standouts that stood out to me. Let’s take a look.  

Randall Wimbush – 5’10” PG (GAA 2026, GA)

As the primary ball-handlers, Wimbush ran the show well and kept turnovers to a minimum. I liked his ability to absorb contact while maintaining his dribble in traffic. It was very hard for defenders to speed him up. He made several shots from long range and showed that he can finish at the rim through contact. Wimbush is a solid young prospect out of Dutchtown.

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Brielen Craft – 5’6” PG (TSF Mack 2028, GA)

It’s been well documented how good of a player Brielen is at a young age. He’s steady and is getting better and better with each viewing. He’s starting to stretch out and has quite an advanced offensive package. You have to assume that he’s going to become a prolific scorer once he’s older, more athletic and inevitably much taller. Don’t take your eyes off of this kid.

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Derrick Roberson – 6’3” G (WGB 2026, TN)

When it comes to shooting range, Roberson is top tier. There were several instances where he buried shots 4-5 steps behind the 3 point line. He truly has limitless range on his shot. It will be intriguing to see his development as a catch and shoot threat off screens. Defensively, his long arms make players think twice about trying to shoot jump shots in his general area. Everything about this kid, from his jump-shot to his frame, suggests that this kid is a player to follow.

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Caden Coleman – 6’0’ G (Carolina Celtics 2026, SC)

Coleman was a do-it-all type of guard for the Celtics this past weekend. His scoring numbers didn’t jump off the screen, but his passing ability and his size allowed him to dominate games for long stretches even without scoring the ball. His frame is well equipped to put on muscle in the next year or two. Once his body continues to mature along with his scoring ability, he’ll be a jack of all trades that you love to have at the guard position.

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Romel Koon – 5’8” G (WGB 2027, TN)

If there was an “all defensive team”, Romel would be the top choice. It was fun watching him completely take players out of their games with his defensive prowess. Whenever this kid decided to sit down and accept a challenge defensively, players couldn’t get around him to make a play. As an offensive player, he’s fast with the ball and creates havoc in transition. I didn’t get to see him shoot the ball often, but when he did there were solid mechanics.

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Sebastian Collins – 5’10” PG (Norcross Heat (The Family) 2026, GA)

Exciting! That’s one way to describe the playing style of Collins. There were times even opposing teams coaches heaped praise on how well and how hard Collins played. He scored the ball in all types of ways. He made jump shots, finished with either hand, scored it in transition or pick and roll. You name it and he’ll figure out a way to score. His energy was contagious for his teammates and he started several key runs on the way to the championship game.

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Kwamane Bridges – 6’2” G (TSF Mack 2026, GA)

Scoring the ball comes naturally to Bridges. He’s got an impressive layup package, moved well without the ball and got to the free throw line consistently in the games that I was able to view. He’s got some bounce that he uses well off of two feet. Also, you must note his innate ability to change directions quickly going to either hand. He has the look of a scoring machine in the making. Stay tuned.

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