Next Level Scouting Player Evaluations From Atlanta Hardwood Classic

Deuce Grayson| 5’7” G| Team Huncho 2030

Deuce Grayson showed a lot of things you want to see in a rising guard in his class. He’s patient with his reads and progressions and has great floor awareness from the PG position. Grayson controls the pace and tempo of the offense and is consistent knock down shooter especially from the perimeter where is most dangerous. He’s great at attacking the defense and facilitating to create offense for others. Definitely a player to continue to watch

Marcus Towns |6’3” G| Young Stars Elite 2025

Marcus Towns had impressive weekend for YSE as scoring PG as he did it all from facilitating to scoring to being an asset on the defense end. Towns has a nice feel for the game off the dribble and showed the ability to score on all 3 levels with consistency. He showed his athleticism with a few dunks that his team feed off of and played just as hard on the defensive end. Definitely a player to watch out East Coweta going into his senior season.

Marlin “Deuce” Johnson” | 5’10” G| Decatur Blazers 2028

Marlin Johnson had a impressive weekend for the Decatur Blazers and was a top standout in his class. Johnson played an effective game over the weekend as a scoring PG. He can get streaky from behind the arch and is great at attacking defenders as a playmaker scoring or facilitating. Marlin is dangerous off the dribble with his decision making and had a few highlight plays that caught the gyms attention. His game will only continue to mature as he progresses into his HS school career.

Trace Hawkins | 6’0″ G| Georgia Stars 2028

Trace Hawkins was arguably the top prospect in his class over the weekend for the Ga Stars. Trace has a deep skillset and has elite decision making to go with an elite scoring ability. Hawkins can finish at high level at the rim or from the field and is dangerous with the ball in his hands off isolation. He’s great in transition and showed some crafty finished through traffic at the rim and consistency shooting off the dribble. Definitely has the early attributes to be a top prospect in his class as he matures his game.

Myles Biggs | 5’10” G| SDA 2025

Myles Biggs is great off isolation as a playmaker creating space and attacking the rim. He’s a great finisher at the rim and displayed some acrobatic finishes. He wants the ball in his hands and is comfortable scoring around multiple levels of defenders. On the defensive end he’s a ball hawk and averaged 3 steals a game.  

Merrick Ham | 6’3″ F | NME 2028

Merrick Ham has great size for his class. He moves well without the ball and has quickness and agility that pairs well with his strength in the interior. He’s hard to defend with the ball in the paint and a great finisher around the rim. Ham is an asset as a rebounder and defensive anchor. He showed his athleticism with his ability the play above the rim. Definitely a player to watch as he matures into his HS career. 

Chase Hurt | 6’1″ G | North Alabama Lakers

Chase Hurt arguably had one of the best performances over the weekend for the Alabama Lakers. Hurt made his impact in several ways and competes to win. Defensively he gave opposing guards a fit and caused several turnovers that turned into transition opportunities. Offensively he’s a playmaker and uses his quick first step to create and can quickly get down hill to score. He’s definitely a player to keep an eye on out of Buckhorn Middle.

Xavier Barber | 6’1″ G| Norcross Heat 2028

Xavier Barber was another guy that impacted the game in a multiple ways. Offensively he was effective from inside and outside the perimeter and kept defenders guessing on his next move. Barber played great in transition and well in the teams offense. He made just as big of an impact on the defensive end coming up with steals and blocks at the rim. He’s an impact player that can fit in any system. 

Daniel Harper | 6’3″ G | Top Shottas 2025

Daniel Harper was impressive over the weekend for Top Shottas. Harper played well as a volume scorer and had plenty of stretches scoring consecutive baskets in row. He showed a deep skillset off isolation and looked comfortable getting to his spots, being an aggressive scorer and an elite finisher at the rim. He plays well with others in the offense and is a great facilitator in the offense. Definitely looking forward to a breakout senior season at Westlake.